uses of computer | 20 uses of computer | in our routine life


20 uses of computer in our routine life.

The computer is playing a great role in our lives, it makes our life very easy and fast with the computer we can do the work in hours that was done before in days or months. The computer is everywhere on grounds to solve problems of decisions, in offices to provide business solutions and in homes to manage and solve all home problems and connecting with people and all bank’s problems handling computer is everywhere hospitals medical, education and in industry here I am providing the key factors that can be discussed in how to use computer in our routine life.
Uses of computer | 20 uses of computer
Uses of computer | 20 uses of computer

Followings are the 20 important uses of computer our lives

  1. Storing Important Data
  2. Computer in Education System
  3. Use the computer to communicate with people
  4. Use computer for defense purpose
  5. Uses of  a computer in office work
  6. Use Computer in Science and Technology
  7. Use Computer for Training purposes
  8. Use Computer for E-Learning
  9. Use the computer in Medical Science
  10. Use computer for Entertainment purposes
  11. Use Computer for marketing purposes
  12. Use the computer for managing banks
  13. Use the computer for office automation
  14. Use a computer to browse webs and internet
  15. Use the computer for video conferences
  16. Use the computer to manage the stock exchange
  17. Use computer for Patient Monitoring
  18. Use computer for Press and publishing
  19. Use of computer in Government sectors
  20. Use of computer in Sports  

1   Storing Important Data

We use the computer for storing important data to save for the future purposes we use the hard drive for saving data in computer in digital form it maybe some important pictures it maybe some important files or anything else.

Uses of Computer in the Education System

Computer is used in the education system to manage the files and records of the students and teachers and other employees, and nowadays all universities, colleges, schools, have the computer to manage their education system and find the records and insert records on the computer.

Use the computer to communicate with people

We use the computer for the purpose of communicating with people for example, use a computer to send emails to use social media to communicate with all over the world, with a computer, you can send files from one place to another without having any delay in digital form.

Uses of computer for defense purpose

The computer is playing a very important role in defense purposes now every country is depending on its defense department and defense department is relying on a computer system, the computer is used to fight with enemies to control missiles systems to defense the attacks to monitor the country control lines and more.

Uses of computer in office work

The computer is used to manage all work with computer system before it was used in the file system now almost all work is done on the computer system from the attendance system to salaries and everything is done on computer.
The file system was implemented then the computer comes and now the computer has many more advantages over the files system for example chances of errors are now finished in the computer system as compared to file system,  chances of editing is open in a computer, in the file system, there was no chance to edit and many more.

Uses of Computer in Science and Technology

The computer is used in science and technology to check the experiments and do inventions and even the computer is used to develop new technologies, Computer is used to develop software systems and new applications, websites and many more things that can discuss in details in Science and technology new post.

Uses of Computer for Training purposes

Compute is used for the training purposes to give presentation to crowd or in a small hall people the speaker show the relevant things on computer with the help of slides on a projector screen that can see the audience what is going on the computer and what the speaker wants to deliver them, for training purposes computer makes things easy for trainers to provide them the main idea in small time. Trainers can give training by showing slides by showing vides and pictures etc.

Uses of Computer for E-Learning

The computer is used for E-learning, the trainers and the students both interacted with the computer they both the students and trainers virtually see each other or trainer have videos and students learn from that videos and after watching videos students ask questions about the training.

Uses of computer in Medical Science

The computer is used in medical science to cure the patients with computer systems and check the patient’s stage of disease and checking and many more experiments on medical science.

Uses of computer for Entertainment purposes

The computer is used for entertainment purposes to play games to watch movies and listen to music computer is complete entertainment a user having internet connection will give you access all over the world wide web that is the connections of the all online computer systems that having online webs so if you have an internet connection then you can browse whatever you want to browse, image files, video files, audio, content files, all types of data is accessible for the users on the internet.

Uses of Computer for marketing purposes

We can use the computer for marketing purposes as we can make posters banners and many more things related to marketing and we make video commercials for marketing or on the computer, or social marketing we make with a computer using social networks like Facebook target audience marketing twitter linked in Pinterest  YouTube marketing all This marketing only possible with computer uses.

Uses of the computer for managing banks

The computer is used in banks to manage transitions some specially developed software are used to manage all accounts with a computer if it was done manually on the file system it was very difficult for the banks to manage all records so the computer is a very great thing for banks to run business, it computer was not invented the banks were not at that level where they are nowadays.

Uses of a computer for office automation

The computer is now necessary for office automation to complete all office works, nowadays not even any office is running without a computer, the computer is a great tool to run any business it provides almost all solutions related to any problem in our life.
 for example, you have a running store that sells different grocery products computer can help you to run your store, it will give you a solution to maintain your stock, will provide information about the stock how much stock is in the store and which stock is low and what is to purchase and what stock is not selling, it provides you analysis of products, which products are the best selling products. So with the help of a computer, you can get the best results.

Uses of a computer to browse webs and internet

The computer is used to browse www worldwide webs means if we have an internet connection then we can connect to people, connect to the world we can search on the internet anything we want to search. We use web browsers to browse for the internet having an internet connection.  We search in a search engine like Google Bing Yahoo Yandex Baidu etc. We type a keyword related to our search in search engine and search engine show us the links in our search result different websites links we open and check our desired content from the search engine pages.

Uses of a computer for video conferences

We use a computer for video conferences purposes like we can use Skype YouTube live Facebook live and many more options to contact with people as live  TeamViewer or Anydesk software are used to remotely access other people desktop or show your work or check other work accessing the desktops and computers. Video conferences are mostly held for the business needs and for educational needs and industry needs, so computer full fills all requirements related to video conferences.

Uses of the computer to manage stock exchange

Supercomputers are used to manage stock exchanges because of a stock exchange have billions of data entries and have to manage the heavy bulk of queries to done in Mili seconds  so a supercomputer did this type of work,  the investors have a great interest in stock exchange because of one mistake can lead to killing many more people life because people like to invest only if they know more about business so the stock exchange is a business that provides you complete information you can check the information at your home and can check seconds times info live information about the stock exchange, So if you want to work on the stock exchange then you must have a computer and good knowledge about stock exchange. So the computer is used to manage the stock exchange business.

Uses of the computer for Patient Monitoring

It’s the time of technology the hospitals are developed and man is known growing greatly with the help of computer now it is possible to patient monitor with computer system checks the health and make reports and get results from the computer about patients. The computer is now providing complete solution about your life surgery, body parts, bone fractions checking and many more things are done by computer, even doctors predict what baby male or female will bear while a woman pregnant with the help of the computer system. Computer makes our lives easy, our life is more secure than ever before with the help of computer.

Uses of the computer for Press and publishing

The computer is used for press and publishing, we see daily news on TV we see newspaper daily many more newspapers and many more channels the main work in the backend is done by the computer. News Papers are typed on computer and then it printed and news are developed on computer and mixture and make effects on the computer, so if we say press it’s all about the computer it would not be bad because everything is related to a computer.

Uses of computer in Government sectors

All government sectors have computer systems Police can check all criminals’ records with one click and trace the people. The military has their own systems to manage records and their all employees and anything else even every department has its own systems to manage, now a day every person has a computer to work in the office.  The education system has a complete computer system even results announced online that students can check on their computers. Navy has its own systems to manage their all records manage their people manage their submarine and manage their guns. The air force has its own systems that tell how to structure an airplane and how to manage offices work and how to do as a pilot.
A computer is a machine that handling the departments and countries accurately and efficiently.

Uses of computer in Sports 

The computer is used to solve high-level problems like the umpire decisions in sports for example if you are a cricket player and apposition team appeal for out and if the umpire feels it’s a clear out then it will give you out otherwise it will give the decision to the third umpire who will see on computer what exactly happened.

Third umpire decision

The third umpire will check with software and with slow motions and using many things with advanced technologies on the computer and take a decision on the base of software results. DRS system is a computerized system that predicts one team wins or lost if there delay match due to the rain in cricket.

Reviews technology decision making with the help of computer

The review is a technology that a player can take if an umpire give out to a player will take the review to check on the system, then computer systems check whether a player is out or not out, and vice versa, the third umpire check the results on the computer and give the decision sometimes the decision goes to in favor of the player and sometimes the decision remains the same so the player should have to go out of the ground.

The same thing is done in every Sport like football hockey and badminton and volleyball car racing and bike caring etc. So the computer is very using full to make a great game without any dispute and without any problem because the computer will never take any favor in any person or team every person accept it because it’s a machine it will never take aside.

Final words

As discussed in this article, I tried my best to cover the things that are great and important to cover this topic. But if you have an idea what I miss in this article, let me know. I will put it in this article. I will love to get feedback on this article, just put a comment. If you want to share your idea with me or how I can improve my article. Your feedback is great for me. Thanks in advance. 😊


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