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Notebook Computer | Notebook Computer Uses


Notebook Computer | Notebook Computer Uses

Any computer which is extremely light in weight and is portable which means it can be carried to different places without any trouble can be considered as a notebook computer. This form of computer is the latest one. We are living in the 21st century, the world is moving in a very fast phase, we can’t afford to lose any split of a second, and we simply can’t afford to wait. All of this lead to the idea of word portable, which means we don’t have to select a specific time or a place to do our daily tasks, one can do all his activities with full efficiency and without any trouble anywhere and anytime he likes with the help of these portable devices. Our focus from here on is only going to be the notebook computers. We are going to discuss some of the advantages and limitations of notebook computers. Before starting all of this one point I want to make clear is that the laptops are also the notebook computers as we can carry them anywhere we like.

Some uses of notebook computers | Advantages of Notebook Computers

Study purposes

We can’t carry a desktop computer anywhere we like is the biggest disadvantage it has. A student going to some educational institute has to carry his study material and notes with him. Just answer me one question, how many books can you carry with you in your bag? Notebook computers are not only for processing or performing some extreme multitasks. They are a great storage place. We can carry thousands of books and study related content in our bags with a lot of convenience within the notebook computers.


I think this use was quite obvious, these can be carried easily anywhere so can be used or traveling. It does not matter you are going on a family trip, or you make vlogs by traveling, you need a lightweight device which also occupies a little space in your baggage. These devices are chargeable contains their own power sources, unlike desktop computers. In the distant far off places can be used freely without the worry of finding any external electrical sources. These are designed in a way to save the energy, the led display is used, which is very power efficient, the brightness level can be made minimum according to our desire. All the other insignificant tasks can be turned off by applying the battery saving options.

Business purposes

You might find it interesting that one thing this smart notebook computer provides us is extra security. If someone is running a business, the first thing he concerns most about is his privacy, he wants to secure all his accounts, including information about banking process, business ideas, the information about his employees and most important his own personal information. The companies like Apple provide an extreme level of all type of security in their devices including notebook computers. So, one can safely say that these lightweight, portable computers are also a lot safer than the traditional old desktop versions.


Not for extreme gaming

The battery life of the laptop is worthless since it’s running high power hardware. You can’t pay a high graphics game with good performance from longer than an hour. This really defeats the purpose of using a laptop for gaming. The parts of a laptop tend to go bad quickly if we start playing games on it. And it is extremely difficult and costly and sometimes impossible to remove and repair a part because they are fit in such a way. A notebook computer user can never think about upgrading his device. If you are a gamer you have to update at least after every two years to enjoy the latest games in the market. These devices heat up very quickly, it does not matter how much arrangements you make, their hardware will wear down very quickly just because of the heating.


If you are a student who wants to stay updated all the time or a traveler who want something portable or a businessman who want to feel a sense of security, you definitely have to go for the notebook versions of the computer. If you want to do an extreme level of gaming buy yourself a desktop the computer will serve you better.

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