Earn Money Online Free


Earn Money Online Free

  1. Earn From Freelancing.
  2. Earn Money from YouTube Channel 
  3. Earn Money From Blogging or Sites
  4. Earn Money From Your Mobile App

Earn From Freelancing 

              Yes, you can earn online money its not a  so tough job now for you. You can earn money if you have any skill you just have to do the work and send to the client and you will earn dollars 😎
you just have to make your account on a freelancing website. There are many websites that are providing the facility to buyers and clients to come to their website and find the client or buyers. 
Here is some website that I am providing to you just sing up and start your online earning by completing your projects. 

Earn Money Online Free

Fiverr is the best platform for new freelancers. Why I am saying this it is because there are a lot of buyers and a very small type of project.  Mostly Projects Starts from 5$  and People can earn by starting their first 5$. when you have a good reputation and did a lot of work and the clients are satisfied then you can do that work for the high price and then you have a name in the Fiverr your clients are satisfied and they tell to other people and they give you a lot of good reviews then that is the stage you want to achieve. then you can earn 200$ a day easily if you know any technical field for example website development, software development or app development, etc. 
and if you don't know these things then don't worry you have a lot of work on the Fiverr non-technical field also can earn more than 100$ per day it's easy I was doing this when I start writing the lesson plans on Fiverr.  I remember I started from 5$ and did my one after two or three orders within the month I get a 100$ project of the lesson plan writing. you can do a lot of work on data entry, excel work or powerpoint. if you even don't know how to use the office then you can also do a lot of work, for example, making funny videos, etc. There are Some main categories that you can select and choose your work Graphic and Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video, and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and tech, Business, Fun and life Style. The main categories have some of their child categories that define what work you can do and it will be easy for clients to find you.
Click here to join Fiverr and get 100$ for free. 

Earn Money Online Free
  Upwork is also a platform to earn money as a freelancer it provides big projects when you make your account then you can get big projects for example 200$ 300$ or even you can find some tiny projects from here ... 

Upwork Provides different categories 

Earn Money Online Free
Earn Money Online Free

Earn Money Online Free

 I Suggest its best place to earn money as technical or non-technical only we have to do is to sign up and then struggle for the first project then we can find more.

Earn Money Online Free

Freelancer proves the best solution it provides jobs and gives you high price projects it usually provides one month free to take projects then it gives you premium access.

Freelancer provides some categories
Earn Money Online Free

  • Toptal 

Earn Money Online Free

Toptal is a platform for talented people because it has a screening method that provides only 3% of super talented people to work. if you are so talented then it is best for you to take this platform to success.
Earn Money Online Free

you just have to sign up and make your self best to take projects.
Earn Money Online Free

People per hour is the best solution for part-time job searchers they will pay for hours work there is a very good rate for the hourly work and its a great site for earning.
People per hour also provide the category wise work 
Earn Money Online Free
People can search for their jobs or people can also find freelancers. 
You just need to sign up for People per hour and then take all these advantages 
Earn Money Online Free

When you signup you should take both options because most of the time you have to do both.

Other websites where you can earn online

  • Elance 
  • Craigslist
  • Guru 
  • 99designs
  • College Recruiter 
  • Demand Media 
  • Aquent
  • Crowded 

There are many websites that are providing you online work. 
and most of the providing with PayPal or Payoneer Bank Accounts. 


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