The Characteristics of Computer | 15 Characteristics of Computer


What are the Characteristics of Computer | 15 Characteristics of Computer

The Characteristics of Computer
The Characteristics of Computer

I am discussing the topic of what are the characteristics of the computer? This article will cover the topic briefly. It is just because most people wanted to know about this topic. I will discuss in this article the15 characteristics of a computer with details so let's discuss characteristics of computer:

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The followings are almost all the characteristics of a computer. 

  • Speed is the first 
  • Accuracy is the second 
  • Storage is the third 
  • Efficiency is the fourth 
  • Automation is the fifth 
  • Consistency is the sixth
  • Precision is the seventh 
  • Reliability is the eight 
  • Retrieving data and programs is the ninth 
  • Versatility is the tenth 
  • Communications is the eleventh
  • No feelings are the twelfths 
  • Diligence is the thirteenth 
  • Data Processing is the fourteenth 
The mentioned above Characteristics of computer I will discuss in detail to clear all the concepts that they are and why it was given to the computer and what are characteristics of a computer.

Speed as the Characteristics of Computer

The first Characteristics of a computer is speed because the computer is very high speed in their calculations and processing. It solves the problems at a very high speed. The human brain can solve the same problem in days and the computer will solve it into minutes. Humans will solve the problem in months and the computer will solve it into hours. If the human solves a problem who takes years for the solution. And the same problem will solve by the computer in just days. It is the speed of the computer. We can say the computer is faster in solving problems than the human brain.


This accuracy Characteristics of the computer is very great full. Because it always provides accurate results that are given input. For example, a human can make a mistake in his manual calculation. But the computer always provides accurate results. So we can rely on computer results as compare to the human manual calculations.


The computer can store data in his memory and can use it for the next time. This Characteristic of computer is very useful. Because of storage Characteristics of a computer, we can work and retrieve the data from previous data. We also can store data on the computer for future work.


The computer is very efficient in its work. The computer can perform multiple tasks at a time. The result will be efficient. The computer can perform different tasks as you can. See a movie and on a small screen and also work on your excel sheet or write on a word file or many other tasks at a time.


The computer performs different operations without user interaction. For example, it controls all devices attached to the computer. The computer executes the program instructions one by one.


The consistency of the computer is the best Characteristic of the computer. Because people will not repeat the same thing as a computer can. For example, we will repeat the things and something will be changed when we repeat. But the computer will do the best to repeat word by word. Nothing will be changed when the computer repeats the things. It is called the consistency of the computer.


Precision is one of the Characteristics of a computer. Because it is used to make decisions and solve the lengthy calculations. The results will be always accurate.


The computer is very reliable we can rely on the computer. Modern computers have advanced electronics. Which has a very low failure rate? These computers can perform very complicated calculations without creating any problem.

Retrieving data and programs

The computer is providing facility to store data on its storage media. And for more, it’s providing facility to retrieve that data and programs.  Retrieving data and programs are very important Characteristics.


Versatile means the flexibility of a computer. Modern computers can perform different tasks one by one or simultaneously. At one moment you are doing work on excel sheets and another moment you play games on your computer.

Communications as the Characteristics of Computer

We are living in the age of the internet and we are providing information to others and getting information from others. It is just because of computer systems. Computers are a source of communication. We use our email to send data or we use Facebook to show our pictures, we use Skype for video calling with another person from one computer to another computer.

No feelings as the Characteristics of Computer

The computer has no feelings. It shows accurate results without having any human feelings. For example, if a person judge he will see the emotions and many more and maybe show the results to judge the feelings of another person. But in the case of a computer, it shows the real facts and figures without any feelings.

Diligence the Characteristics of Computer

The computer is a diligence device it works all the time. Even if a person works he will feel tired. But the computer never feels tired of working. It is a very important feature of a computer. this diligence feature of computers makes it level very high. So we can say that computers are diligent devices who never tired of working.

Data Processing the Characteristics of Computer

The computer is used for data processing. For example, we provide data to computer and computer gives the processed data form. A processed data form is called information. We use mostly computers to process data for our workplace and many more uses of computer in our life ...

What I miss in the Characteristics of Computer?

I tried my best to show you all the about and cover the topic of what are the characteristics of the computer. But my knowledge may be limited in the computer science field. I would like to ask you a question about what I miss in this article. 

If you have any one of the Characteristics of the computer in your mind then let me know in the comment section. I will appreciate your comment feel free to write your thoughts in a comment. Let me know if you disagree with any of the headings or I miss write above in the article characteristics of a computer. I will provide you answer to any question in your mind. Your feedback is very important to me.

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