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20 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images


20 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

20 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

The parts of the computer are basically the computer case (commonly called the CPU), the monitor,

keyboard and mouse. Each part has a fundamental role for the correct functioning of the computer.

However, this may vary, since in the case of All-In-One computers

we will only have the monitor, keyboard and mouse. While in the case of laptops we have the

entire computer in a single structure, replacing the mouse with a trackpad just below the keyboard.

This time, we will focus on the traditional computer. After all, no matter what type of computer it is, 
all must have the same internal and external components .
The only thing that really changes is the structure, providing more aesthetics or portability.
We have the 20 components that a computer has below I show you the 20
parts for computer:
  1. Monitor
  2. Motherboard
  3. Microprocessor
  4. RAM
  5. Expansion card
  6. Power supply
  7. Optical disc drive
  8. Hard Drive, Solid State Drive
  9. Keyboard
  10. Mouse / Mouse
  11. Trackball 
  12. TrackPad 
  13. Box or CPU 
  14. Computer parts (non-core) 
  15. Printing machine 
  16. Scanner 
  17. Speakers or headphones 
  18. Microphone 
  19. Webcam 
  20. Gamepad or joystick

A brief concept of the parts of computers with details which will cover 20 computer parts 
with images: 

1.-MONITOR: Computer parts

The monitor is connected to the output of the graphics card (VGA, DVI or HDMI)

in the computer case, either a dedicated one or the one integrated into the motherboard.

The monitor is one of the most fundamental parts of the computer, since it allows you to

see everything that happens on the computer from the screen .

Many monitors have buttons to change the display settings. There are also some that

have built-in speakers and even a touchpad . Which makes things much easier if you don't

have a mouse at the moment.

The current monitors have LCD or LED screens , these are really thin and are known as

flat screens. Older monitors use discontinued technology. What are CRT or cathode

ray tube screens, which make them much larger and heavier. So CRT monitors take up

more space, however, they are out of date and very rare to see.
The computer monitor or computer screen,
although it is also commonly called a screen, is an output device that,
through an interface, shows the results of a computer's processing.

10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

2.-MOTHERBOARD: Computer parts

The motherboard, although also known as a motherboard, or motherboard is a
 printed circuit board to which the components that make up the computer are 
 It has installed a series of integrated circuits, among which is the chipset,
 which serves as the connection center between the processor, RAM memory,
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images
buses and 

3.-MICROPROCESSOR: Computer parts

The central processing unit or CPU or simply the processor or microprocessor, 
is the component of the computer and other programmable devices, 
which interprets the instructions contained in the programs and processes the data. 
CPUs provide the fundamental characteristic of the digital computer and are one of the
 necessary components found in computers of any time.
20 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

4.-RAM MEMORY: Computer parts

Random-access memory is the memory from where the processor receives
 the instructions and saves the results. 
The phrase RAM memory is often used to refer to memory modules used in personal 
computers and servers. 
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

5.-EXPANSION CARD: Computer parts

Expansion cards are devices with various integrated circuits and controllers that,
 inserted in their corresponding expansion slots, serve to expand the capabilities of a 
computer. The most common expansion cards are used to add memory, disk drive 
controllers, video controllers, serial or parallel ports, and internal modem devices.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

6.-POWER SUPPLY: Computer parts

In electronics, a power supply is a device that converts the alternating voltage of the 
supply network into one or more practically continuous voltages that feed the different
 circuits of the electronic device to which it is connected 
( computer, television, printer, router, etc.). 
Power supplies for electronic devices can be basically classified as linear and 
switching power supplies.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

7.-OPTICAL DISK DRIVE: Computer parts

In computing, an optical disk drive is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic 
waves close to the light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data from
 or to optical discs. Some drives can only read discs, but newer drives are usually both 
readers and writers. The term reader is often used to refer to units with both capabilities. 
Compact discs (CDs), DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs are the most common types of 
optical media that can be read and burned by these drives.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

8.-HARD DISK: Computer parts

A hard disk or rigid disk is a non-volatile data storage device that uses a 
magnetic recording system to store digital data. It is made up of one or more rigid plates or disks, 
joined by a single shaft that rotates at high speed inside a sealed metal box. 
On each platter there is a read / write head that floats on a thin sheet of air generated 
by the rotation of the disks.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

9.-KEYBOARD: Computer parts

In computing, a keyboard is an input peripheral or device, partly inspired by the
typewriter keyboard, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, to act as mechanical
levers or electronic switches that send information to the computer.
After punch cards and paper tapes, interaction via teletype-style keyboards
became the primary means of entry for computers.This is a very important peripheral,
as it allows you to control the computer . There are several types of keyboards,
but they are very similar and with them you can carry out the same tasks.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

10.-MOUSE / MOUSE:  Computer parts

The mouse or mouse is a pointing device used to facilitate the management of a 
graphical environment on a computer. It is generally made of plastic and is used with 
one of the hands. It detects its relative movement in two dimensions by the flat surface 
on which it rests, usually reflected through a pointer or arrow on the monitor.
10 Parts for computer | Computer parts | Parts of computer images

Along with the keyboard, the mouse is also one of the parts of the computer
 that allows you to control it. It is a pointing device, which allows you to point,
 select and move any object on the screen . There are two types of mouse, which 
are optical and mechanical.

The optical mouse is very easy to recognize, as it uses light (red or blue) and
 an electronic eye to detect movement on a surface . This type of mouse is quite
 light and is very easy to clean.

On the other hand, the mechanical mouse uses a rolling sphere to detect movement
 on a surface . This type of mouse is heavier and requires very regular cleaning to 
function properly.


A trackball is a mouse alternative that has a sphere that you can rotate freely. 
With this device, instead of using the device like a conventional mouse, you can
 roll the sphere to move the pointer .


On touch panel or TrackPad, allows you to control the pointer by moving your finger.
This mouse alternative is very common in laptops.

Box or CPU

It is one of the most important parts of the computer, and it is usually a computer case that is usually made of plastic and metal. Internally it is composed of a motherboard or motherboard, a processor or central processing unit (CPU), a power supply, RAM memory, it can have a graphics card and at least one storage unit that can be a hard disk or SSD . The front, has the on and off buttons, lights that indicate the status of the PC and may have optical drives . The parts of the computer necessary for its operation are the case, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. The boxes come in various formats and sizes . Some have a horizontal format to place on a table and the monitor on it. While others have a vertical format (in some cases they are very tall) and generally go on the ground.

On the other hand, All-In-One or all-in-one computers bring all the CPU components on the monitor . So the traditional computer case is completely out of the question.

Computer parts (non-core)

While the most basic parts of computers to work are the box, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Many additional peripherals can also be connected to provide additional functionality . Some of them are the following:

Printing machine

A printer is used to print photos, documents or any image that appears on the screen . There are several types of printer, inkjet, laser, and photographic. But it is also possible to find printers with built-in scanner (all in one), which can copy and scan documents.


A scanner allows you to make a digital copy of a physical copy and to store it on the computer . Nowadays, it is very common to see built-in scanners in all-in-one printers. Although you can also buy one separately.

Speakers or headphones

Speakers are audio output devices. That is, they are devices that allow the computer to send information to the user . In the case of computers, they allow you to listen to music and sound.

Depending on the model, they can be connected to the 3.5 mm jack port or the USB port . There are also monitors that have built-in speakers.


This is an input audio device that allows you to receive information. You can go online to record sounds or talk to other people over the Internet . Many laptops have built-in microphones.


This is an input device capable of recording video or taking pictures . It also allows streaming video in real time over the Internet, making it ideal for videoconferencing. Many cameras also have a built-in microphone. Some webcams have a built-in microphone to make video calling easier.

Gamepad or joystick

There are high-performance gaming computers. Many users want to improve their gaming experience, so they can add a controller or joystick. This allows you to replace the keyboard and mouse with a controller to control games . Controls or joysticks allow you to control a video game on your computer without using a keyboard or mouse.

While these are the most common peripherals that make up parts of the computer. The truth is that almost any device can be used on a computer . It does not matter if it is a tablet, cell phone, as long as it has a USB port it can be part of the computer.

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