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What are the four (4) basic components of a computer system?


 What are the four (4) basic components of a computer system?

What are the four (4) basic components of a computer system?
 What are the four (4) basic components of a computer system?

Here in this article, I will discuss four 4 basic hardware components of every computer system are described. So I will discuss computer components and their functions. First I will list and explain four 4 components of the computer system. 

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The computer system can be divided into four components these are essential components of a computer:

  1.        Hardware
  2.       Operating system
  3.       Application programs
  4.         Users

Let's discuss these 4 components of computers in detail.

1 Hardware

Hardware is the first component of the computer. Hardware provides basic computing resources. It includes memory, central processing unit ( CPU ) storage devices, input and output devices, etc.

2 Operating system

The operating system controls and coordinates the use of the hardware among various application programs for users.

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3 Application programs

Application programs define the ways in which system resources are used to solve computing problems. Application programs include word processing, spreadsheet and database systems, etc.

4 Users

The users include people, machines, and other computers. For example, different users can use it according to their needs,

User 1 --> Compiler

User 2--> Assembler

User 3-->Text Editor



User N--> Database system

In this article, I tried my best to give an overview of the 4 four components of computers and provide basic knowledge about computers.  I hope you understand better about the 4 Essential Components Of Every Computer.

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