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Human computer interaction concepts and design | Human and Computer


Human-computer interaction concepts and design | Human and Computer

Human-computer interaction concepts and design
Human-computer interaction concepts and design

In this article, I will discuss Human-computer interaction concepts and design and how computers make human life easier and provide us facility to think go ahead. In this article, I will discuss a few things and some real-time examples to understand and clear the concepts. I will discuss with details the human and computer relation and how the computer helps humans to solve problems too.

Computers are everywhere in human life.

If you want to see the examples of computers in human life it’s very much easier to see. You can see everywhere humans are using computers to make their life easy and standard high with computer applications.

Example: Human-computer interaction concepts and design

Human-computer interaction concepts and design Take the example of a store where you bring essential food things for your home.  You just visit a grocery store and purchase some food items.  When you enter the store you were watching by security cameras even still in the store are watching by cameras. These cameras are managed by a computer.
So when you after completing your shopping you just go to pay your bill and the person has a computer who will scan your purchased product.
Then this will generate your bill and also manage the store items by minus the products which you have purchased. In the end, a bill will be generated and will provide you and receive money from you. All this work has done with the help of a computer.

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The computer in problem-solving

Now the uses of the computer make human life much easier than never before. They can solve a problem that humans will solve the same problem in days and computers can solve in minutes.
Computers can solve very high and complex problems in just a few seconds. Now a day’s mathematician feels much comfortable with the help of a computer because the computer can solve very complex problems in a very short period of time.
Computers are making very easy to get complicated solutions in a very short time. Now almost all fields of life are using computers to manage their lives.

Computer solving problems in the education system

No matter what type of work you belong to.. You interact with computer systems, educational institution and study system, attendance system, online classes, student portals, teacher portals and marks sheets, calculations CGPA system everything belonging with computer systems.

Computer making life easier in the Office environment: Human-computer interaction concepts and design

Now let's take the example of an office system, employees attendance system is online that is managing with computer systems.  Office files are now managing on the computer. The computers can save these files and folders, in computer hardware and can share with another user Via the file-sharing system.
So these types of files can share via email and if in case of computer damage. As compare to the file system it is more secure that and can retrieve your files from hardware or from the email sent, etc.

File system vs. computer system

Consider you were working with the file system and the fire 🔥 lost your files then what will you do in that case...
Computers help you with providing solutions to this situation.
We can take backups of our work and save it to other computers in case of any emergency or any other bad situations where we lost our work or something else. I hope you will understand better the computer uses.

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