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20 Characteristics of computer system and features


20 basic Characteristics of a computer system and its features


20 Characteristics of computer system and features
20 Characteristics of computer system and features

In this article, I will discuss with details the 20 basic characteristics of a computer. These characteristics will cover this topic very well and you will have complete knowledge about what are the features of the computer? so in this article, learn about the features and characteristics of a computer. The features and characteristics of the computer so I will list and explain 20 characteristics of computer systems 10 explain features of computer systems and more. We also discuss before about 20 uses of computer that is ranking high in the Google search results and showing in first page of the Google. 


What are the features of the computer? 

before discussing the 20 basic Characteristics of a computer I will talk about the features of the computer.  Computers are the machines who solve our problem with very fast speed and provide us results in no time. So the computer makes our life very easy. Just assume when we were not having a computer and our life will even when we imagine we will get the old fashioned imagination and it will take us to a world that was too late in their work and no any advancement. After the invention of the computer our life becomes advanced more and more. We are really developed in every walk of life.

Following are the important 20 characteristics of a computer.

After reading the features of the computer here are 20 important characteristics of a computer with their details. 

1. Speed

Compeed week at a really high speed and abundant are quicker than humans. A second is for lensman period of time for the computer. A computer will perform billions of calculations in a second The time utilized by a pc to perform an operation is termed the process a speed. Computer speed is measured in MegaHertz (MHz) or GigaHertz (GHz)

2. dependability

Carputer is extremely reliable. The electronic elements in electronic equipment the computer seldom break

3  Storage

(Acumpade will store massive amounts permanently) users will use this data at a return. we are able to store any style of knowledge in an exceedingly pc. Text, graphics, pictures, audio, and video ties are keeping simple. The storage capability of the pc is increasing quickly.

4. Processing

A pc will method the given directions. It will perform different types of processes like addition, subtraction multiplication, and division. It can even perform a logical Sanchicns hike. scrutiny 2 numbers to come to a decision that one is that the larger etc.

5. Accuracy

(Accuracy means that to supply results with no errors. pc will method massive amounts of information and generate error-free results A electronic equipment pc performs a lot of operations in one second with none error.

6 Recalling

A pc will recall the keep knowledge and data as and once needed. the information keeps within the computer is used at a later time. the pc will recall the desired knowledge some seconds

7. management Sequence

computer strictly to the given It follows the of execution that's given in an exceedingly

8 Consistency

The computer works in an exceedingly consistent manner. It doesn't lose concentration because of significant work not become bored or bored pc performs all jobs with equal nowadays have the aptitude to speak with alternative computers we have a tendency to

9. Communication

can connect 2 or additional computers by a communication device like electronic equipment.

computers will share knowledge directions and information)A assortment of connected computers

We can communicate with people in the world via a network like the web.

10. Versatile

the computer will perform different types of tasks. we are able to use a pc in hospital, at home)We will it for calculative our budget or will play games a spread of ar through computers

11. No Feelings

The computer has no cannot settle for feelings as AN input. this is often truly a drawback as a result of pc cannot work in line with the mood of the can not be by sorrows and happiness like personalities

12. No Intelligence

The computer isn't intelligent. It solely follows the given directions. It uses the personalities not it's own) If a pc is given a program for addition it cannot perform subtraction by itself

13. Price Reductions

can perform a tough task in less time and fewer price, for instance, we have a tendency to might have to be compelled to many of us to handle AN workplace The Maine work is performed by a single person with the assistance of pc. It reduces the price


I tried my best to keep things easy for you and describe almost all characteristics of the computer with details but if you have any query still in your mind then feel free to contact me or ask a question in the comment section I will answer your question.  

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