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Database VS File system | Difference between database and file system



Database VS File system | Difference between database and file system

Database VS File System
Database VS File System 

In this short tutorial on comparing the topic of computer systems with the files system. This short article will give you complete knowledge about computer VS files system or difference between database and file system. How we will go with this article? I will discuss shortly computer then files system and at the end, I will discuss computer VS files system what is the difference between these two, computers and files system. Here I consider computer means database so try to understand better it’s actually Database VS File System.

What you will learn in this article? difference between database and file system

  • Computer systems?
  • What is a file system?
  • How computer system different from file system?
  • What are the disadvantages of file systems?
  • Database VS File system or What is difference between database and file system?

Computer systems

Nowadays the uses of computer are so important and play an important role in our life. This is the most advanced file system that can be share and store on your computer system. These files can be changed according to the new environment so these are the files are changeable and flexible we will discuss file system VS DBMS  in this article.

What is the file system?

File system we consider the system without using the computer system. For example files and registers and other manual work done by hands, it will be paperwork. So it is different from the computer system.

How computer system different from a file system?

The computer system is different from the file system because it is an advanced system and having these features:

  1. The computer system uses advanced features of the file system that can be changed at any time while file system cannot be changed if any file you have made it will be really difficult to change or you have to make a new file if you want to change.
  2. Computer system files created in the soft form so you can send anywhere in just some mili seconds to anyone in this world. While using a file system you cannot show your documents without a physical visit to the person or place.
  3. Computer system files can change from one file system to another like PPTX file can change into Microsoft word file, word file can change into PDF or any other form whichever you want to change it will easily change. But with the file system, it is impossible to change your file to any other format because it is in hard form. It will be readable, not writeable in the hard form of the file system.

What are the disadvantages of file systems?

Here are some disadvantages of the file system described below:

  1. Chances of loss of your files and records
  2. The chances of errors in the account are higher than computer system because a manual system is managed by a person who can make a mistake in his accounting which is common.
  3. The computer automatically shows you accurate results no need for high attention and knowledge of calculations. While file systems require high knowledge and expert person to manage the file system.
  4. There are chances of fraud in the file system your accountant can do this because if you are out of the city or country he is managing your accounts he can do fraud by writing wrong invoices in your accounts. But with the computer system, you will get updates from time to time even wherever you are you will receive all records and debts and credits minute to minute.
  5. Fire or any other accident can completely lose your accounts department and your records but when you are using DBMS then it will provide you options to take a backup of your files and can retrieve any time from other computers or from the internet.

What is the difference between the database and the file system?

So let’s explore the difference between databases and file systems in this part of the article.

Database VS File system

       Database System 

         File system

1.       Database up to date from various places means you can access the files from anywhere.

1.       File system can only access where it is physical you cannot access the hard form files from other places.

2.       You can edit your data from any place accessing your database servers


2.       You cannot edit your data in the file system even when you write your data and just finish your work on your file.


3.       Database can access from anywhere



3.       File system cannot access from other places.

4.       Database has these create, read, update, and delete functions on its file.


4.       File system has only create and read no update and delete functions.


Conclusion on Database VS File System

In this short article, I tried my best to give you complete knowledge about Database VS File system in our routine work and the of-course computer system is best and will win the debate. Actually, the computer plays a vital role in our lives. The computer is a really amazing thing, which takes place instead of a file system nowadays. So in the end, I hope you understand better about the topic difference between database and file system

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