AI | AI (Artificial Intelligence)


                   AI | Artificial intelligence 

    AI | AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    AI | AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What will you learn from this article?

  1.        Definition.
  2.        Early history.
  3.        Current status of AI.
  4.        Challenges of AI.
  5.        Future of AI.
  6.        Challenges
  7.        Application of AI.
  8.        Advantages & Disadvantages of AI.
  9.        Conclusion.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science that study and creation of machines that work or react like humans
Moreover it’s the theory and development of computer systems that work like humans that includes visions, speech recognition, decision making, and translating among different languages.
The best example of AI in the smartphone is
·       Google voice speech
·       Google map
Siri and Cortana are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile)
Now we will discuss the history of Artificial Intelligence


In 1950 English mathematician Alan Turing wrote a landmark paper titled  “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” that asked the question: “Can machines think” Further work came out of a 1956 workshop at Dartmouth sponsored by John McCarthy. In the proposal for that workshop, he coined the phrase a “study of Artificial Intelligence”

         Current Status of AI:

                AI work out on different thing in the past few years
  •         Mobile phones
  •        Video Games character
  •        GPS or Voice Recognition
  •         Robotics (humanoid/Computer-based)

The artificial agent is divided into two parts:

Software Agent

It’s a set of programs that are designed to do a particular task. They do work with limitation.

·    Physical Agent

It’s a programmable system that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Simple robots can be used in manufacturing to do routine jobs such as assembling, welding, or painting. Some organizations use mobile robots that do routine delivery jobs such as distributing emails or correspondence to different rooms.

The best part of AI is machine learning; it can be defined by its name “machine learning”
A programmable system can do specific task and moreover that system can learn more by its environment that is known as machine learning.
Its best example is Google’s Car.
Google’s car is a self-driving car that drives the car automatically on roads even in traffic. It will apply breaks automatically on a red signal. Its speed automatically will increase or decrease. All there functionality depends on AI. Machine learning is part of AI.
You can see in the video how a man sits in a car and it drives automatically. I wish to sit in this car, these are amazing moments.

Future of AI

Future of AI is like enhancement in self-driving and improvement in Medical Care & Treatment like heart surgeries and other sensitive operations and open up doors to future explorations etc.
The most dangerous thing is robots are coming and our jobs are going out because of the efficiency of robots.

In future humanity is ending totally so then people will get humanoid robots as their friend. In an organization due to AI, many employees will be fired of job. And AI robots will take hold in organizations. Before many of scientist concluded that robots cannot think but scientist finds out the solution of this by neurons that’s why AI robot can think and do many tasks like common sense that is also not common in common.


  •        Computing Power 
  •      Tolerance
  •        Power 
  •        Intuitive
  •     Thinking
  •       Judging Power


  •           Game playing
  •          Automated reasoning & Theorem proving
  •         Expert System
  •         Neural language & semantic modeling
  •         Planning & modeling
  •        Machine learning



       Precision and Accuracy
       Not able to act any different
      Space exploration
       Lack the human touch
       Used for the mining process
       Lack a creative mind
      Can do laborious tasks
       Lack common sense
       Fraud detection, manage records.
      Lacking the emotional side
       Abilities of humans may diminish
      Can do repetitive and time-consuming tasks
       Wrong hands cause destruction


Finally, we can say that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of Computer Science that aims to create it.AI textbooks define the field as “The Study and Design of Intelligent Agents” where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize the chances of its success. John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1955, defines it as “The Science and Engineering of making intelligent Machines” 

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