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My Services in the field of Information Technology (IT) and (CS) Computer Science

Hi, there this is Saeed Developer I am running a company that provides online solutions in the field of (IT) Information Technology and (CS) Computer Science. We are working as a team and provide solutions in various fields in IT and CS. Computer science assignment help online.
Final year projects for computer science with source code.
We are providing CS services, we are it solutions company in Pakistan running in Faisalabad. Here are 
our some professional services given bellow with details: 

Website Development Services
Website Development Services
Website Development Services 


We are providing professional web development services to our clients. Saeed website developer is a 

team of professionals who is working under the supervision of  Saeed Developer who is a professional

 website developer and SEO expert. 

Saeed website developer is dealing with international clients as well as local clients of website

 development who are based on Pakistan. Saeed website developer team has experience of more 

than 6 years. We are professional we will suggest you the designs that will be unique and SEO friendly

 that will boost your website in Search Engines like Google Bing Yahoo Yandex etc.

We specially focus on your website design to meet the needs of your business requirements and 

get desired results as soon as possible. We are providing professional web development services

 to our clients. We are providing best web development services in an affordable price; we only need

 to know your idea and we will provide you many samples you will choose from and we will custom

 design your website according to your instructions as well as we will give you ideas if you don’t

 know more about the design of your website.

Our website development services list

  • · Web development services content creation
  • · Website development from start to end
  • · Website design custom design
  • · Website WordPress design and development
  • · Woo Commerce development
  • · Ecommerce website development
  • · Business website development
  • · Blog website development for earn money online
  • · Monthly website services including updating as well as on page SEO and content publication.
  • · We specially focused on web design services for small business who are new and converting their business to online platform.
  • Web development services in USA many happy clients we have.

We are providing professional services in website development, we provide solutions in WordPress, business websites HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify Solutions for building your business websites, Woo Commerce solutions for building your business websites and managing your websites.
We are providing complete solutions for your website building start to end, we propose you how your website will build and we provide some samples of websites.
We provide solutions in different technologies like building your website in PHP MYSQL, building your website using PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, and we use tools as per client's requirements, for example, WordPress, Magento,  or other CMS for your website. 

Database services 

We are providing services in connecting Databases with your PHP files and installing Databases on your localhost or online, we are providing solutions in Oracle Database, MYSQL Database. 
We provide solutions to create tables joining tables, fetching data to your database from PHP and many more. 
We are providing best CS services, we are it solutions company in Pakistan running in Faisalabad.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services 

We are a team of professionals at Saeed Developer, who provides SEO services for  any niche website, We do keywords research competitor analysis and audit 👨🏻‍💻 for website to rank Google page first 🥇 position. We have a team who writes SEO friendly article for guest blogging. 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services 

What is included in our SEO services? 

 1 On page SEO services
    a. Title, Description, proper H1, H2, H3 
    b. Image optimization
    c. Keywords research
    d. Content writing
2. Technical SEO services
a. Website speed optimization
b. Image optimization
c. Proper robotics text files, to rank on all search engines. 
d. Website audit
3. Off page SEO services
a. Guest blogging
b. Profile backlinks
c. High quality niche related comment backlinks. 
d. Web 2.0 submissions.

Note that we will ranks your website or provided keyword to Google page first 🥇 position in our given time. We are providing monthly SEO services for our clients. 

1.Basic SEO services plan for new website 
2 Rank keywords in Google. 

So what are you waiting for when you have everything in our SEO services. If you are still not satisfied then feel free to contact with us. 

We are Providing professional services in Search engine optimization (SEO). We rank your website in Google Search Engine and all other Search Engines, in the results of your website search by people organically and no need to invest money for paid campaigns on Google and Facebook, etc.
We provide complete solutions On-page and Off-page SEO of your website, we provide professional services that results to make your business a brand and grow your business in the results. 
We are providing best CS services, we are it solutions company in Pakistan running in Faisalabad.

Social Media Marketing Services

We are specialized in providing services in the social media marketing or social media branding your business  We will run social media campaigns, like facebook target marketing and twitter LinkedIn and many more. We provide solution to post your website link on more than 200+ social media websites. As a result, your website or link will be the boost on the social as well as Search Engines too.