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15 Disadvantages of Computers: Limitation of Computer


15 Disadvantages of Computers: Limitation of Computer

Where computer has many advantages which provide us benefits for people in different fields and in different areas, there also has some disadvantages of computer also. Below there are some disadvantages of computers and describe what kind of problem people face while using the computer.

Disadvantages of computers
Disadvantages of computers

15 Disadvantages of computers in our life 

  • 1. Eye strain and carpal tunnel
  • 2. Too much sitting
  • 3. Hacking attacks and viruses
  • 4. Cyber-crimes online
  • 5. Much multitasking and short attention
  • 6. Potential loss of privacy
  • 7. Create a dependency and can limit learning
  • 8. Increase waste and impact the environment
  • 9. Reduce Jobs
  • 10. You could be depressed and become anti-social
  • 11. Exploitation, Trolls, Abuse, and stalking
  • 12. Lots of distraction and Timesink
  • 13. In the workforce heavy reliance
  • 14. Chances of important data loss
  • 15. Sleeping issues

1. Eye strain and carpal tunnel:

The person who uses the computer too much faces the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome because computers require a lot of repetitive movement. As you move your body pat while you using your computer parts like the mouse, hand typing is a repetitive action and these are called injuries. While you using the computer keep in mind that you should take some break when you work on the computer.

2. Too much sitting:

It can lead to health problems if you are sitting too much time on your computer doing work. When users use the computer they turn their back in terms of the curve. When you use a computer also causes to distracts your body poster. As some scientists said that standing for a long time is not healthy for humans, it’s not a perfect solution for standing desks. But as compared to sitting standing desk is more perfect. While you work you can take breaks and you move, around and exercise.

3. Hacking attacks and viruses:

The hacking is a disadvantage of a computer virus may be worm and hacking is like unauthorized access over the computer which may be the effect on your computer data. Viruses can be spread through email attachments, visitor signs in the infected websites and removal devices like USB, etc.

4. Cyber-crimes online:

Its mean to computer and network may have utilized in order to commit the crime. Cyberstalking and fraud are points that come under online.

5. Much multitasking and short attention:

The computer is used every day because today almost many people have become hooked with a computer device. As you are worried about some questions answers you just surf the internet it will give you the immediate answer to every question you search. When you are not getting the answer you are frustrated easily, or even when something does not work speedily. Because when you studied multitasking it can affect your brain and cause bad for your brain.

6. Potential loss of privacy:

As a computer has a large memory and you can store your personal data and your information on your computer easily, But it’s a risk of your data to getting into the hand of others. If once any other malicious person steals your personal information, then it’s not safe and they have access to your accounts to use identity theft to open your account, such as new debit or credit cards by using your name.

7. Create a dependency and can limit learning:

If you use the computer and find the information about anything then by using a computer you can easily find the information on any topic. When you know and have knowledge about anything makes you dependent on computers and other electronic devices. To fining the mistakes you can check spelling mistakes by using an auto-correct option. But if you are dependent on auto-correction and then this lack your learning ability because you don’t have much knowledge about the spelling then you always depend on the auto-correct option. There are many online tools are like grammar checker, GPS, calculator, while these are not working you are feeling helpless.

8. Increase waste and impact the environment:

With the speed of a computer and other electronic replaced all the old devices you get thrown it’s a big impact on the environment.

9. Reduce Jobs:

As a computer of more capable and smatter, it becomes the reason to replace the needs of many jobs. For example, if a person has done their work on a few hours then by using the computer it can be done their work in few hours. It’s a big disadvantage for a society that computers can reduce many jobs.

10. You could be depressed and become anti-social:

The computer has the ability to perform all work speedily and it’s easy for users to become anti-social. If you play any game on the computer like the world of Warcraft or others, you can consume too much time to end up. Today many people also do online shopping and can’t get on the shopping malls prefer online shopping. There is also much social application are also present like Instagram, Facebook, and many others I wish you can make many friends and make a good friendship with them. But the disadvantage is you can make many friends on social media but you have become far away from your real-life friend.

11. Exploitation, Trolls, Abuse, and stalking:

The person who spends more time online on the internet can face many abusive and trolls of the people, and the other issue of cyberbullying also increase. With the anonymous nature of the internet, it is much easier to encounter these types of people. You can also be tracked by the hacker if you share more information on the internet. In terms of stealing your information, you can be tracked on the internet easily. To find information about people there is some online service available.

12. Lots of distraction and Time sink:

To increase your productivity computer is a great invention. But when you waste too much time on the internet it can be harmful to you. Like when you sit to learn something from the internet but suddenly you see a link to any other interesting game and you want to start the game instead of learning. And after some time, you realized you wasted much of your time and did not achieve your original goal. While when you sitting and want to start learning you may distract.

13. In the workforce heavy reliance:

The power loss of many business computers can be devastating as they heavily rely on the computer. Then you can even lose the files that are valuable and can affect you for a long time.

 14. Chances of important data loss

If a computer is lost or stolen or damaged there are chances of loss of important data from your computer. So if you want to recover a heavy amount of costs needed to recover your computer data.

15. Sleeping issues 

If you continue to use the computer at night then you will not get a proper sleeping and it can cause to health issues. 

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