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Uses of computer for class 1 | 50 | Uses of computer for kids


 Uses of Computer for Class 1 | 50 | Uses of Computer for Kids

Uses of computer for class 1
Uses of computer for class 1

A computer is an electronic machine, under the control of its instructions own can accept data, according to specifies rule processed data, precede information and store it for future. Its data storage and processing device. The computers use binary variables 0 and 1. A computer is used in schools, homes, offices, hospitals, and many other places. So in this article, I will discuss the uses of computer for class 1 for kids. You will learn here 
How computer is useful for kids study level 

Definition of computer for Class 1: Short definition of computer for a kid:

 The computer is an electronic device working with information, numbers, words, pictures, movies, and sounds. 

Intro to this article uses of computer for class 1

So in this article, I will discuss the uses of computer here I will list 15 uses of computer for class 1 for kids even it will help these like uses of computer for class 2, uses of computer for class 3, uses of computer for class 4, uses of computer for class 5. So let’s discuss with the computer uses list and details.  10 uses of computer for class 1, 20 uses of computer for class, 40 uses of computer for class, 50 uses of computer for class. After reading this article students will be able to define what is the usage of computers in schools and routine life. If you don't know what is computer science see this.

    50 Uses of computer for class 1

  1. School
  2. Homes
  3. Offices
  4. Hospitals
  5. Banks
  6. Airport and railway station
  7. In designing
  8. In defense and Scientific Research:
  9. In publications:
  10. For playing
  11. To information instant access
  12. From Homework research
  13. Learning program
  14. Learning with entertainment.
  15. Entertainment and leisure:
  16. Uses of computer in Sports:

20 Other uses of computer for class 1

10 Advantages of using computer:

Uses of computer at Schools:

In school, the computer helps the teacher to luckily do a report also helpful for teachers to teach their students. Here are 10 uses of computer at school with complete details. See this article for Characteristics of Computer and if you want to see what are 20 parts of computer 

  1. Computer helps the teachers to prepare reports
  2. While teaching the computer helps your teachers.
  3. In a school library and fees counter the computer may help you.
  4. For students aid the learning process

Uses of computer at Homes:

  1. At home, you can use the computer to play games and do your homework.
  2. Compute used in homes to calculate our home expenses.
  3. On the computer in your home, you can also watch cartoons, movies and also listen to music.
  4. To purchase items from home the computer helps you.

Uses of computer at Offices:

  1. With typing and printing documents the computer helps you.
  2. You can send and receive messages on a computer.
  3. You can send emails on a computer.

Uses of computer at Hospital:

  1. In hospitals, a computer helps the doctor in operations.

Uses of computer To diagnosis 

  1. many disease computer is also used
  2. To prepare medical records the computer helps. 

Uses of computer at Banks:

  1. To maintain the accounts of customers the computer needs you to maintain.
  2. If people withdraw money then also use the computer ATM

Uses of computer at Airport and railway stations:

  1. In reservation and cancellation of tickets computer helps.
  2. In keeping a record of arrival and departure of trains and flights the computer helps us.

Uses of computer in designing:

  1. In designing buildings, houses, and flyovers the computer helps architecture.
  2. In designing cars, airplanes, and other machines the computer helps us.
  3. The computer is also used for clothing design
  4. In designing an advertisement, animations. Many things do with this machine.

Uses of computer in defense and Scientific Research:

  1. The computer also helps scientists. Scientists use the computer in research, designing robots, and forecasting weather.
  2. In launching and controlling satellites, rockets, and missiles the computers help us.

Uses of computer in publications:

  1. The computer also helps us in publications; it helps us in printing magazines and newspapers.
  2. The market of publication buys social media the computer helps in increasing.

The computer is used to process

  1.  Everything you want to work on 

Uses of computer in Sports:

  1. The students after studying also used the computer for playing games in their spare time.
  2. By using a computer you can spend your time in the best way. By playing games on it.

Uses of computer Instant access to information:

In education computers play an important role by using them with the internet students can have access to a wealth of knowledge instantly. On a variety of topics, this is a huge information database that can be used to extract any information.

Uses of computers for Research of homework:

Students use the computer for doing their homework. On the internet, it’s easy to find something and you have easy access to it. By simply using the computer you can access all the things easily.

Uses of computers for learning programs:

There are many special learning programs today, there is also a website available that merges basic knowledge to the mental development of the child contribute, expands perspectives. If you want to see more than 10 uses of computer in education system with details see these 10 uses of computer in school

In Computer-Aided Learning teachers can prepare lessons in Powerpoint and teach with the use of a computer. It is easy for the student to engage which the learning.

Uses of computer for Entertainment:

For the interactive lesson, there are many educational games, software, and program available that have been developed for interactive lessons. A lot of us think that video games are made only for enjoyment. There are many games that help students a lot to understand education many games are for educational purposes. 

Uses of computer for Entertainment and leisure:

The computer most important benefit from the dawn of computer entertainment. With the use of PC, CDROM, DISK DRIVES AND CREATIVE Lab speakers it is all starts with these, before graduating to Napster, iPods, and spottily. 


  1. Audio entertainment offline and online
  2. Audiovisual entertainment Online and offline
  3. In parties and discotheques mixing audiovisual files.

10 Other Uses of Computer for Class 1: Other Benefits of Computers

By using a computer there are many benefits for children both in the classroom as well as in homes. I will share with you some of them. In the pandemic situation, most of the schools are closed and schools started to take online classes. 

The computers also have some benefits for children:

  1. Development benefits 
  2. Educational benefits 
  3. Computer skills benefits
  4. Communication benefits
  5. Career benefits
  6. Accessibility benefits
  7. Expansion of World View
  8. Personal Benefits
  9. Creative expansion benefits
  10. Parent-child interaction


10 Advantages of using a computer:

Here are the advantages of computer programs click here to see

1.       Connects to the internet

2. Your productivity increased

3. Communication

4. Get a better understanding of data

5. You can earn money

6. Accuracy

7. Data security

8. Speed

9. Multitasking

10. Fast work

What is the Importance of computers in education?

The use of computers in school plays a very important role the history of computers makes difference in our human life. Fundamentally used for the massive device, research work for present-day conditions. Of the socialization of a person, the educational purpose is independent extracurricular activities. ben understandable only a narrow circle of specialists have been, At the end of the 20th century with the approach to the first personal computer the internet afterward, access to a large amount of information ordinary people gained this. Here are 20 Characteristics of computer with complete details. 

What are the Functions of a computer:

The computer has five functions:

  1. Computer stores the data in computers memory and process ti when need
  2. Takes data as input
  3. Convert the data into useful information
  4. Generates the output
  5. Control all four steps.


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