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What is Computer Science? | Computer science jobs


What is Computer Science? | Computer science jobs

What is Computer Science
What is Computer Science

Computer science, study of computers technology and its fundamentals, software, hard ware, its performance, functionalities, its system and developments. i will discuss What is Computer Science in this article. Basically in computer science we deal with “data” and “Information”
It’s a vast field, and it plays an important role to change the human life and make this world a tiny place for human.

Fields of Computer Science:

Study of computer science includes  Computer Science Theory  ,artificial intelligence, graphics, computer systems, networks, security, database systems, human computer interaction, basic algorithm design and construction, object orientation and its application to algorithm implementation, Data structures, their construction and behavior, digital architectures, Boolean algebra, formal analysis and design of algorithms, compiler design and development, numeric analysis, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering etc.

Theory what is Computer Science

 Computer Science theory is regularly exceedingly numerical, worrying about inquiries regarding the cutoff points of calculation. A portion of the significant outcomes in CS theory incorporate what can be registered and how quick certain issues can be unraveled.
A subcategory of theory is calculation improvement and development.
Cryptography is another blasting zone of the theory segment of Computer Science, with applications from online business to protection and information security. This work as a rule includes more elevated and preeminent volume mathematics, including number theory.

Artificial Intelligence understanding what is Computer Science

 Artificial Intelligence is man-made perception, which covers an extensive variety of subjects. The Artificial intelligence work incorporates everything from organizing activities to machine learning. There are regions of AI that emphasis on building diversion, playing programs etc. Other arranging issues are of more down to earth importance. Artificial intelligence similarly integrates chip away at neural systems and machine realizing, which is intended to take care of hard issues by enabling PCs to find designs in an wide arrangement of information.
Artificial intelligence additionally incorporates work in the field of Robotics and multi agent agendas.
In spite of the fact that Artificial intelligence  holds out some desire for making a really used to machine, a great part of the ongoing work centers around beginning issues of more obvious significance.

Graphics in Computer Science

Graphics used to make animated movies, design logos, and modern visualization and illustration. Art and creativity rise to sky due to graphics. Its make things easy to understand and attractive to look. Today a child of one of twice year or may be of few months can operate mobile phones, computers or video games etc just due to Graphics.
Uneducated person can also operate and use the latest technology because icons of things can easily understandable to them other than to read description and titles. For example graphical user interface is much more easy to use in the comparison of command prompt. Raster and vector images are two kinds of Computer Graphics.

Computer System understanding what is Computer Science

A system which makes a user able to perform functions, deal data and information, complete given tasks called computer system. It basically consist hard ware and software both. Hard ware includes key board or key pad, mouse, monitor, and likely other components which can be integrated on a board or may be separate. It deals with data and information using programs or software, which tells computer what to do and how to do.
After processing, data can be stored on storage devices or may be discarded if not needed for later use. Programs are basically stored in computer and are loaded in main memory when needed. Computer systems used for programming and for building tools. It also deals with data base designing, operating system building and for other computing tasks. It is highly intensive practical and applied work to deal computer system.

What is Computer Science: Networks

Computer networks allows users to exchange and share data, information and other resources. It also makes faster and easier to telecommunication all over the world. Through networks this world becomes a global village, Communication becomes easier. Network devices like switches and routers use a variety of protocols and algorithms to transmit data and information from first end to the last end. Every endpoint in a network has a distinctive and unique identifier. It makes communication fast, safe and reliable.

Human – Computer Interaction:

HCI is an advanced branch of computer science that treaties how mechanisms and people interrelate. In this we study about the users interaction with the computer, how a user interacts with the computer system. It is associated with the study of compute field and human behavior, psychology as well as the other substance to study.

Algorithms and Programming:

Computer algorithms are the steps that tells what to do to solve the computer problem and how to create program. Algorithms makes programming easier. In algorithms we proceed task step by step. Main while the program worked in a sequence. Programming is considered the life line for computer science.
We need a language to convey our message to the other person to describe what we need, what we want,  like as through programming language we tell the computer what to do and how to do. Computer follows the instructions which we give through a language which called Programming language. Different Programming languages are used to program, like Python, C, C++, Java and so many others..

Software Engineering:

The study of technological methods to the production, implementation, testing and documentation of any Software is call software engineering. It deals with the user’s requirements, software design, construction, software maintenance, configuration management, software quality, development process, documentation and other activities. Awareness of programming language is essential for becoming a software engineer. Software engineering is a vast field in itself and could involve developing contract management software if that’s what the user requires. It provides great opportunities to make carrier in Engineering.

Jobs related to computer science:

There are several jobs in the playing field of computer science. Here is item smaller quantity of them.
  1. Computer Operator
  2. Web Developer
  3. Software Developer
  4. (IT) Manager
  5. Programmer Analyst
  6. Computer Science Teacher
  7. Systems Engineer
  8. Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
  9. System Administrator
  10. Network Administrator
  11. Computer / Network Support Technician
  12. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafter
  13. Computer Programmer
  14. Computer Technician
  15. Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)
  16. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist
  17. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer
  18. Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst, (Computer Software)
  19. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator and Programmer
  20. Graphic designer

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