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Most popular programming languages | 8 most popular languages



Most popular programming languages | programming languages used in most popular websites | 8 most popular languages

In this article, I will discuss the most popular programming languages. So let's discuss which programming languages used in the most popular websites and the 8 most popular languages discuss. 

Most popular programming languages
Most popular programming languages

Here in this article, I will discuss 8 programming languages that are best for you. 

  1. Phyton
  2. Angular
  3. Java
  4. PHP
  5. Javascript
  6. React
  7. Swift
  8. Kotlin
  9. other languages 

Now let's discuss these all programming languages with details 

Most popular programming languages # 1 Phyton:

It is known as one of the best languages ​​that you must know to learn web programming. And, although it is a general-purpose language, that is, it is not only used in web applications, but it has a multitude of online applications, it is best for web development beginners because it is easy to learn and because it has ample capacity to handle large volumes of data. Pages like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are built on Python.

Most popular programming languages # 2 Angular:

It is a development framework for JavaScript whose objective is to facilitate the development of SPA web applications (single page webs). In addition, it offers tools so that you can work with the elements of a website in a simple and optimal way.

Most popular programming languages # 3 Java:

Java is one of the most used programming languages: it is present in about 7 million devices in the world and more than 9 million developers use it. It stands out for its readability and simplicity, and its objective is to allow application developers to write the program only once and to be able to execute it on any type of device. Here are three ways to convert string to JSON object in Java

Most popular programming languages # 4 PHP:

PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor or hypertext preprocessor,. PHP programming language is an open-source programming language that can be embedded in HTML. It is used to create dynamic web pages, that is, pages whose content changes. If HTML is the basic language used to create simple websites, PHP is an advanced type that is often used by the Internet giants to handle web pages with many functions, accesses, and a large database. Sites like WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo! were created with PHP programming language.

Most popular programming languages# 5 Javascript:

Interpreted programming language oriented to scripts and executed in browsers. It allows adding interactive features to websites such as animations, games, videos, events that occur when buttons are pressed or data is entered in a form. That is, it handles more complex activities than text on a web page. It is known as the language of the web and has a presence in 95% of the pages that exist.

Most popular programming languages# 6 React:

This is an open-source Javascript library. It has been created for the development of user interfaces or web applications on the client-side (front-end). Its purpose is to facilitate the development of applications of all kinds, be they single page or mobile applications. For this, it has a wide ecosystem of modules, components, and tools that help the developer.

Most popular languages# 7 Swift:

It was created by Apple in 2014. It is a multi-paradigm programming language that is focused on developing applications for its iOS and macOS operating systems and also for Apple TV and Watch OS. It has easy to read and write code.

Most popular languages# 8 Kotlin:

It is a statically typed programming language and it is the newest one developed by Google. It works perfectly with Java and Android, so it is used to create applications for the Google mobile operating system. It is more accessible than Java, very clean, and relatively simple.

Other languages to learn in 2021: 

The world of programming languages ​​and systems for creating web pages is vast. Besides the ones we have named, there are also others such as Node, Unity, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C, C ++, C #, Visual Basic. NET, Perl, Assembly language (ASL), among others.


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