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java fundamentals | importance of java | what does java do | Where to learn java?


java fundamentals | importance of java | what does java do |  Where to learn java? 

java fundamentals importance of java  what does java do Where to learn java
java fundamentals importance of java what does java do Where to learn java? 


It was 1991 when James Gosling saw an Oak tree behind his office. From this tree, he has drawn an idea of Oak project, and with the help of his team, he invented a new programing language.  And in Sun Microsystem he purposed his project with the name of java. 

After that in 1995 java was released as new object-oriented programing language. According to a calculation, there are about 3 billion devices that run java. 

This will explain the Importance of java, Efficiency of java, Basics of java, Uses of java, java examples. It is considered that Java and Javascript are the same but both are different terms. This article will focus on java rather than javascript.

Importance of java:

Java is very easy programing language. It is used in both web development and software engineering. Basically, it was invented for communication of devices. And the most important thing about this language is its flexibility. It can easily transfer from one machine to another machine. 

And the other importance of this language is Oriented Objective Language. Yes, java is an Objective oriented programing language. And can form OOP more efficiently than other languages. It is used for application development in mobile to web servers.

The efficiency of java:

Java was released by Sun Microsystem in 1995, but after that, it was bought by Oracle. Now Oracle is the owner of java. According to Oracle, there are about 3 billion devices using java. It is the most efficient language than others. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, it is used in many famous applications and websites.

Basics of java:

Syntax of java resembles C++ but it is simple then C++.  Syntax of java consists of following parts:
  1. Variable
  2. Object
  3. Class
  4. Methods
  5. Control statements
  6. Array 

Uses of java:

As we know that java is a simple and efficient programing language. It is used from mobile application to web designing. It's flexibility makes it more easy and efficient. It is used in website applications, desktop GUI interference, Mobile applications, Web development, scientific applications, and other different applications.

How to install Java:

If you want to install java in your computer then follow these steps:

  1. Click on this download link
  2. When web page open then click on “JDK download”, it will be the latest version of java
  3. Accept java SE license
  4. Select your Operating system
  5. Then click on the download
  6. And .exe file downloaded.


  1. Double click on the .exe file.
  2. Agree to terms and conditions
  3. Then click next and so on.

Ready your system for java environment:
  1. Open your sublime text or note pad
  2. It’s the step of coding
  3. Write code
  4. Save as  .java
  5. And run file

Now you are using the latest version of java from oracle. Use of java is very simple and attractive. Its syntax attracts a programmer to it's self.

Java Examples:

Top websites as java examples are given below: these websites are java developers:
  1. Github: it is a java developer website, it is an online server. Many programmer and networkers use this website. github.com
  2. Coursera: it is a website that has many online courses, it is also a java developer website. coursera.com

First program of java:

  • When you are installed java in your computer.
  • Open sublime text
  • And write the following code.

If you want to learn free java programing then visits the following websites:


Conclusion of the above discussion shows the efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility of java. The process of downloading and installation of java is very simple. 
Basics syntax of java is very simple. Java is used to develop websites and applications. 
Many websites are using java as there programing (backward) language. It is the most famous and popular programing language in this world.

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