In this article, I will discuss what is web development? So, Web development means the creation (programming) of software and the development of mobile applications and services on the Internet. The design and development of complex websites are also part of website development. Because a confusing website without any appeal and without minimum technical requirements pisses off potential customers rather than arousing enthusiasm. And at this point, the question arises: what exactly is web development?

What does web development include?

Web developers who take care of the programming of applications on the Internet or on websites usually work closely with web designers. They design and develop the design of a website and create a modern, appealing, and target group-oriented layout.

The area of responsibility of web development includes:

The design of websites with different sub-categories

  • Homepage as a personal or company website that represents a private or business website.

  • Online shop as a digital counterpart to a stationary shop in which offers are made online via a website and purchases are made using the online payment function.
  • Marketplace in which several online shops are usually combined on one Internet presence (website) (Amazon, eBay).
  • Blog as an important means of communication for companies or private individuals to provide information on current topics, content, products, or offers.

The development of mobile apps

  • In the IT sector, applications (apps) are special computer programs with which certain applications can be implemented. Mobile apps are basically designed for use on smartphones or tablets.

The realization of web apps

  • Applications that are web-based run similar to a website. But while the website presents its content without any special action by the user, a web app only reacts to user input (interaction).

A good web developer does these things

  1. Plan and develop web applications
  2. Design, maintain and maintain websites
  3. Create graphics and designs for software
  4. Develop and coordinate web-based software solutions
  5. Development of frontend and backend for websites


 Website development is a broad field whose requirements can only be met by experts today. When designing your website, setting up your online shop, or developing apps, software, or a unique web design, you should always look for an advertising agency that knows the right answers to the question "Who does good website development?" Which criteria should one pay attention to?