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7 Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android : Simple and easy



7 Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android 

7 Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android
7 Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android 

The term ‘screenshot’ means to take a picture of the whole screen displaying on your phone. There are several ways through which we can take screenshots. Screenshot plays an important role in saving any information on your phone. So here you will learn about Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android and these will be 7 simple methods.

  • So you can use the screenshot as proof. With the help of a screenshot, you can use it as evidence for any case. It is very useful for saving information that is displayed on your screen.
  • You can easily take a screenshot of a scene in a video clip or while playing a game!. You can take a screenshot of any conversation or chat whether is it on Whatsapp or somewhere else.

So let's discuss these Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android

  • Here we are discussing the proper 7 methods of taking screenshots on android in detail :

1.Take Screenshot Through Notification Bar :

  • Every android phone comes with a notification bar which is given at the top of the screen. When you swipe it from up to down, the notification bar is grasped down. There are several options given on the notification bar which is used as a shortcut for the user to perform the operation in a short time.


  • In one of the options, there is an option of the screenshot, you can take a screenshot easily by just tapping on SCREENSHOT and the screenshot will be saved on your gallery.

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2.Take Screenshot By Holding Lock Screen Button And Volume Down Button :

  • As we already discussed that there exist different methods of taking screenshots. One of the most basic methods is to press and hold the lock button and volume down button at the same time for a while. This is one of the easiest ways to take a screenshot.


  • The most important point in this phenomenon is that pressing and holding buttons should be at the same time if both buttons are pressed and held at different time intervals then whether your screen will be locked or the volume is lessened due to the volume down key.
  • This is the most known and general method for taking a screenshot on most Android phones.

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3.Take Screenshot By Holding Home Button And Lock Screen Button :

  • Different Android mobile comes with different designs and features. Above we discussed the models of android which came with just a lock screen and volume controlling buttons excluding the home button given at the center and the bottom of the mobile phone.


  • On these phones, you can easily take a screenshot with help of the combination of a home button and the lock screen button. You have to press and hold the home button and lock screen button at the same instant. The screenshot will be captured and will be saved in your gallery.


  • This home button usually came from the Samsung Company in their Phones, especially in their S series.

4. Take a Screenshot by Swiping Specific Gestures :

  • Several companies such as Samsung provides features for taking screenshots in easier and different methods. These features came by default, i.e by the manufacturers. In this feature, by performing specific gestures you can take a screenshot.


  • The gestures vary from model to model. Different models introduce different ways to capture a screenshot.
  • For example 2 finger swipe gesture in which you just have to swipe two fingers on the screen when you want to take a screenshot. This gesture will help you out to take a screenshot in the shortest time.

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5.Take Screenshot By Smart Selection Tool : Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android

  • For making product more attractive new features are introduced by the companies. Another facility and easiness for the user have been introduced by several companies such as by Samsung for taking a screenshot differently and easily.


  • They provide a Screenshot Selection Tool in which you can easily select the area of the displayed screen to take a screenshot. It provides you the option for taking the screenshot only for the required area you selected. In this way, you can easily focus on the data, image, information, or whatever you want on the screen.


  • Through this method, only required data will be saved in the screenshot which helps the user for finding or using that information in a screenshot. In this way, the aim of saving screenshot becomes more prominent for the user. In this way, a large portion of the screen is excluded which is useless.

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6.Take Screenshot By Voice Command :

  • Here, several mobile phone companies introduce their sets with a feature of voice commands that receive a command in form of voice and gives you accurate results and perform each function according to your desire.


  • There are different voice commands for taking a screenshot. One of them is ‘Take Screenshot’ and your android phone will capture screenshot and save it on your mobile phone’s gallery.


  • This is the easiest way and provides its user hand-free operation. This feature is very useful when you are busy doing some work and you are not able to take Screenshots by using a mobile phone with the interaction of your hands. For example, if you are driving a car and want to take a screenshot you just have to say ‘Take Screenshot’ and it will be done.


7.Take Screenshot With Different Apps: Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android

  • Many applications are easily available on the Google Play Store for Android Phones which enables you to take a screenshot more easily. It is much tough to make a perfect combination of lock screen button and volume down button.
  • This issue has been resolved with the help of Third Party Applications which gives you a shortcut

for taking a screenshot. You can take a Screenshot within a second by taping on the option ‘SCREENSHOT’.


Conclusion: Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android

  • It would not be easy to tell any specific or general method for taking a screenshot for Android Phones. Because this varies with different models. Some models have a Home button and some have don’t.
  • Some mobile phones have this facility of the screenshot for their users by default.
  • At the end of this discussion, I hope you understand better about Different Methods To Take Screenshots On Android. 

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