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Difference between iPhone and Android | iPhone VS Android | Which is better


Difference between iPhone and Android | iPhone VS Android | Which is better? 

Difference between iPhone and Android
Difference between iPhone and Android: Which is better

The main and prominent difference between iPhone and Android is the operating system used in the devices. The operating system is necessary for every device to operate. The operating system makes it easier for the user to use the application more easily and conveniently.
In iPhone iOS operating system is used whereas Android itself is an operating system that is used in a large number of Mobile Brands such as Samsung, Lenovo, Blackberry, Huawei, etc. Samsung was the first Mobile Brand that introduced the Android operating systems in their devices for the very first time in history. 
On the other hand, Apple company introduced its Mobile phone which is renowned all around the world known as Apple iPhone. They introduced their operating system known as an iOS operating system. The thing which makes it unique is that only Apple manufacturer iPhone has the iOS operating system.

There are some differences between the iPhone and Android which are given below in detail

You can’t personalize the home screen on an iPhone as compared on Android :

The only changes you can do on iPhone’s home screen are changing your favorite wallpaper, changing the order of application icons, and creating folders for multiple applications.
On the other hand, you can make many more changes in Android’s home screen such as changing the transition of apps, using widgets which is available on Android’s Store which is known as Google Play Store. You can use an app drawer in android which is not available on an iPhone.

Apple iPhone Is A Status Symbol of Richness :

Apple is known for its highly qualified apps, performance, and security. No one can beat the Apple iPhone’s security and performance. It is known as the number one Mobile phone in the world. Due to all these qualities and specifications, it’s very expensive and a common man couldn’t afford it. Therefore, it is a status symbol of richness.

Android Is In Reach Of A Common Man :

On the other hand, Android is not expensive such as iPhone it provides all specifications and at a reasonable price which is affordable by the middle man. Somehow, Android is much easier to operate for all beginners and experts whereas if you are a beginner user of an iPhone you may face some difficulties operating it.

Application And Their Performance Is Better In iPhone :

As already discussed above, that an iPhone is rich for its apps. Android can never beat iOS apps. The priority of businessman is to use iPhone because iOS provides such applications which are very precise for use in the calculations of business and also for the audit of their business.

Looks, Finishing, And Attractiveness In iPhone And Android :

If we discuss the looks, Finishing, And attractiveness, all models of the iPhone are very shiny and attractive. Every user would wish for the iPhone to get it due to its unique design whereas android mobile phones are also attractive and give a glance look but there are some models of android which look quite ugly.

Connecting USB Or Other Gadgets on an iPhone And Android :

You can use any ordinary cable for charging an Android whereas on an iPhone a specific cable that is specially made for iPhone is used for charging. If you forgot to carry a charger along with you, you may face a problem. In this sense, Android is much better and easy to use. If you want to connect a USB Or Other Gadgets you can easily connect it with android but for iPhone, you need something that connects it with the iPhone.

iPhone Is More Secure Than Android :

As we already know that Apple is the only company that manufactures an iPhone. Its security is very tight because it controls how hardware and software work together tightly and more securely. On the other hand, Android is known as open-source for its applications, working, and personalization.
On an iPhone, you can only download apps from Apple’s Store whereas on Android you have a choice for downloading the apps.

Paid apps on iPhone As Compared To Android :

There are only a few and a small number of applications on an iPhone which is available for free You have to pay for other premium applications on Apple’s Store. Whereas on android many applications are easily available for free of cost. This is the thing that attracts the user to use an Android Device.

iPhone Provides More Privacy Than Android :

Apple is the most renowned company for its privacy and security of the data used in an iPhone. Your data is never shared with a second party or third party. On the other hand, Google which operates an Android Operating System seems to be less interested in keeping your data secure and private because Google earns money by the advertisements of your keen interest but Apple earns money by selling their products which are iPhones, iPads, and their MAC laptops.

iPhone Doesn’t Allow SD Cards As Compared To Android :

Apple iPhone doesn't allow its users for expanding the storage. The storage of an iPhone is manufactured by the Apple company you have not an option to expand it by using SD cards. If you want more storage the Apple Company always offers its different models in which storage variants are introduced with varying prices. If you want high storage then obviously you have to pay more for it.
On the other hand, all Android phones allow their users to expand their device storage by inserting SD cards. Which is a positive point for the users to expand the storage as per their need at a reasonable price.

Conclusion: Difference between iPhone and Android

Both iPhone and android are high profiled operating systems and their devices are reliable and give their users the best experience. If we discuss the privacy, security, and the chances of been hacked on your device then iPhone is the best option because it guarantees that your data is private and secure. 
But, on the other hand, the iPhone is much costly and is not affordable by the common man but Android comes at a reasonable price in the market as compared to the iPhone. Every common man uses Android Mobile Phones because they fall within their budget.
Apple is the only manufacturer who manufactures the iPhone whereas a large number of companies are manufacturing Android Mobile Phones and their models are uncountable. On the other hand, the iPhone has a limited number of Models. Therefore, Android provides more versatility in models for users to buy their products. So the Difference between iPhone and Android hopes you will understand better.

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