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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android | Recover Deleted photos android


  How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

How to recover deleted photos on android
How to recover deleted photos on android

It is a very interesting article about the deletion. We learn how to Recover Deleted Photos on Android in this article. I use such as wording in this article that everyone could understand easily. It is very useful information in this article.

In today's, an Android phone is needed by everyone. They take a picture of every movement. And save these in your mobile gallery. When a person remembers his old memories, he can see his picture on your mobile phone. No need to worry if your picture is suddenly deleted from you. We tell you the method of how to restore your picture on your android phone. We learn some simple steps to restored our picture or video.

If you deleted items from Google Photos?

If you use an Android mobile phone, you can easily get your picture from your google photo app. Sometimes, you delete your picture or video by chance. You want to back that item. You go to the Google photo app and find your item. No need to worry about the deletion of your picture.

·         Go to the Google photo app

·         Select a photo that you want to delete

·         Tap the trash button > item was deleted

Now you can not see this photo in your Google photo app.

Restore delete the item from Google photo?

Those items who deleted accidentally by yourself. You can search for these items in the trash box. You can restore your photo on your trash box. The deleted item will remain in the trash box for more than 60 days. If you want to restore the item click on the picture or video or select all. 

·         Go to the setting

·         Open the trash box

·         Select an item that you want to restore

·         Tap the button > item will restore

Check Video tutorial 

Restore data recovery from Google account:

If you delete your photo from your Google picture app and you clean your trash box. Now you have no item in the trash box. So, you can restore your picture with the help of data software. Because our deletion picture removes from the trash box within 60 days. After 60 days, if we want those items who delete from our Google photo app and trash box. We restore pictures with the help of data software.


I hope you like this article. The purpose of written this article that the information to convey the people who they don't know. Often people upset after losing their memories. Now you don't worry. I tell you the most important information about pictures deletion.

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