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What is Difference between iPhone and Android | Android VS iPhone


 Difference between iPhone and Android

Difference between iPhone and Android

In this article, I will discuss about difference between iPhone and Android in details, first of all, I will discuss android what is it and how we will use it and many more then go with iPhone so I hope you will see this article useful for your knowledge, So let's begin. 

What is android?

Android is a mobile operating system.  This is designed for touch screen mobile or tablet. It's developed by Google. Its also used by smartphones. 

What is the iPhone?

iPhone is also a smartphone. It consists of a touch screen. It is designed and marketing by Apple inc. And that use ios operating system. The first apple launched in 2007. The new model of the apple comes into the market every year.

Thinking about iPhone and android

 People often argue that the iPhone is the best or the android smartphone. However, the debate would never end. We talk to some people who have used the smartphone and now, use ios smartphones. They said, that the operating system of the iPhone is the best. They used an android smartphone. But they start the iPhone, they don't like the features of the android smartphone.

What is the difference between android and iPhone


Both cameras are good. But the ios camera is very nice. The pictures taken in the ios are very clear.  The android camera is not better than the ios camera. Some android phones, when we zoom the picture its spread on the screen of the mobile.


A million apps are in google play store. Once, we argue which is the best app for android or iPhone.

Screen size:

Apple consists of ios two devices like iPhone or iPad. Every app appears on one screen. and the android smartphone has different shapes. Their apps will appear on a different screen.


The speed of apple ios is very fast. The engineer takes less time to dew the ios app. When it takes to 30% to 40% extra time to create the android app than ios app.


The android phone we can easily buy. The ios iPhone is very costly we can't buy it easily. Every one purchase an android smartphone easily but can't buy ios iPhone. The price of an android smartphone starts at $150. When the price of ios iPhone is about $600 or more above.

Back button:

There is no back button on ios iPhone. While the android smartphone has a back button. When we get used to android. When I use the ios iPhone, I missed the back button of my android smartphone.


It is a major problem for mobile owners. We are not talking to the simple mobile phones, iPhone on one side and android smartphones and the other side. We conclude that both mobile phones are the best in terms of battery life.

Final word:

We want to select a good plate form to build a mobile phone. So, that we can set up the app properly. And check its security thoroughly. So, the personal information of the people is safe in it.

The purpose of written this article that informed people of the difference between ios and android smartphones. That is the best mobile phone for people.

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