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What is WordPress? | What is WordPress Development


What is WordPress? | what is WordPress development

What is WordPress? | What is WordPress Development
What is WordPress? | What is WordPress Development

Introduction to WordPress

You are here to know about what is WordPress?  WP is an online, open-source website making tool developed in PHP programming language.
But with the other people's point of view; it’s possibly the easiest and best blogging and website content management system (CMS) in actuality today.
WordPress is very much customizable. It has exactly hundreds and thousands of plugin. Pieces of software so you can use your website for any purpose.

Briefly describe WP

WordPress is an Open Source software system that is using by millions of persons around the world to develop attractive websites and blogging sites. It is fully customizable by using the themes and plugins.
WordPress is truly website software that you can use it for the purpose to make a stunning website or blog. We can say that WP is together zero in cost as well as precious at the same time.”
WordPress themes can easily download from the official WordPress website or you can download it from different other thousands of websites on the internet. The same thing is with plugins, the plugins are used to spread the functionality of your WP website.

Why WordPress?

As well as actuality a fantastic blogging and content management system, one of the massive profits is the asset of information out there. There is an unlimited community of people behind the Development and design procedure of the WP structure itself. Societies from all over the world participate in their times their knowledge and their skills to keeping WP up to date and very secure.  There are also a vast amount of creators, developers & bloggers who are sharing their information over blog posts, tutorials, reviews, videos and the creation of thousands of themes and plugins. WordPress powers an amazing amount of websites. Actually, WP powers over 33% of the whole web.
If you are ever questioning who are using WP, head on over to the WP website showcase and you will be impressed by the figure of famous websites and well-known people using WP to power their websites.

What I Miss? 

I tried my best to put the all essential things to the website but I may miss the things in the article. Let me know if I miss anything in this article. comment to give me feedback.

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