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How to install WordPress theme | How to install a WordPress theme


How to install WordPress theme | How to install a WordPress theme | localhost/wordpress/wp-admin

How to install WordPress theme | How to install a WordPress theme
How to install WordPress theme

What you will learn in this article?

In this article, you will learn, Introduction to WordPress, why select WordPress to build your website. What are the Benefits of using WordPress on your website? What is the WordPress theme? How to install WordPress theme? Install Wordpress theme using WordPress dashboard appearance theme add new theme then search option. Install Wordpress theme using the upload option in the WordPress dashboard theme option.

Introduction to WordPress

Wordpress is a CMS that we use to build websites. Wordpress is a website development platform that is built with PHP programming language to build websites using drag and drop widgets. You need to know just how to install WordPress and go with your website. Read more introduction to WordPress

Why WordPress to build your website

  1. Wordpress is holding the internet total websites of 34% websites that are built with the WordPress platform.
  2. Wordpress is easy to use.
  3. No Programming knowledge required to build a website.
  4. Just select your desired theme from WordPress for free from WordPress themes. 
  5. Can Install the WordPress theme.
  6. Import demo data and start your own website in just a few minutes.

What are the Benefits of using WordPress in your website

Here are some benefits of using WordPress on your website.

  • Wordpress has more than 33% of the total websites of the internet.
  • The WordPress is free of cost everyone can use it.
  • It is very easy to use Wordpress.
  • The layout of the Wordpress is user-friendly.
  • The themes of Wordpress are SEO friendly.
  • To build a Wordpress website required not more programming knowledge to develop a WordPress website. Mostly WordPress themes are available to you just have to install WordPress theme and your website is ready.
  • The WordPress theme installation process is very easy.
  • Using WordPress you can develop your WordPress website in just 1 hour or if you are new to WordPress then you may take one day at most.
  • If you are going to code this on a website then you have to wait for the same website build for 3 months or 6 months at least.
  • Wordpress is a drag and drop system that allows a user to make his website according to his requirements, for example, elementor page builder, wp bakery page builder, etc.
  • All the required functionality is available in WordPress user can install wp plugin according to their requirements.
  • Wordpress is providing very responsive websites that can use on all devices desktop computers tabs and mobile devices.
  • Most of the Wordpress themes are very fast in loading time that is SEO friendly in all aspects.
  • Almost all Wordpress themes are free of cost premium themes are also available but free themes are millions of themes in different designs different categories, for example, blogging themes, woo-commerce themes for e-commerce websites, Fashion style websites.

What is the WordPress theme?

Wordpress theme is a front end of your website. Wordpress theme is a layout of the website how it will look like. When you install your WordPress theme then you will see the layout or you can see the WordPress theme demo live. A WordPress theme demo is a live website of your selected theme. After installation of your WordPress theme, your website will be the same as it is showing in the demo theme. Read this article what is the WordPress theme? for more details.
Different WordPress themes have different functionality for example all themes are not the same. Some themes are specially built for e-commerce website and some themes are built for business websites and some are for the purpose of blogging. The WordPress themes functionality is based on their theme creation. For example woo commerce functionality will be implemented on the themes who are specially created for sales online products are services etc. Blogging themes will not compatible with woo commerce and many other things.

How to install a WordPress theme?

For installing WordPress theme follow the instructions to install WordPress from Wordpress Search theme option
  • Go to your website, for example, saeeddeveloper.com
  • Write wp-admin with the end of your website using backslash after your website URL, for example, saeeddeveloper.com/wp-admin and hit enter.
  • The WordPress login page will display at the front of you it will require the user name or email and password for your website. Put username or email and password then click on the login icon.
  • After clicking on the login button it will redirect you to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Wordpress dashboard will show you many options in the left bar. Before the comments there is an option Appearance when you go to appearance then you will see the theme.
  • Click on the theme option showing.
How to install WordPress theme
How to install WordPress theme

  • After clicking you will see your installed themes if new then you will see default themes click on the left header Add New
  • After clicking on Add New you can see options to select your theme. First is the search theme from WordPress search bar by putting some words into the search bar and hit enter. You can filter your search by selecting one of the categories or you can select more than one category of the themes on wordpress.org Select one of your desired categories by feature filter.
  • Select one theme from the themes for your website according to your needs.
  • Preview theme for checking details of the theme.
  • If you are happy with the selected theme then install theme on clicking Install
  • The theme will take some seconds to install on your website.
  • After the theme installation process, WordPress will show you the message theme successfully installed.
  • Then installing the theme then activate your theme.
  •  installing the theme you will have to install required plugins.
  • Then click on the plugins page to activate all plugins.
  • Visit your website and check the layout of your website.

How to Install WordPress theme from upload 

  • Go to WordPress dashboard  if you are at local host then see localhost/wordpress/wp-admin
  • Click on appearance select theme.
  • Then click on Add New in themes.
  • Here click on the Upload Theme button in the header.
  • After clicking on the upload theme option you will see “if you have a theme in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here”.
  • Click on Choose files button this will show you the folders in your computer select the theme file from your computer. Make sure the file is in a zip file.
  • When you select your WordPress theme file to install from your computer, click on the Install button
  • Wordpress theme will take some time to install from your zip file wait until it is not installed.
  • This will show you the message theme installed with the theme name successfully.
  • Activate your WordPress theme.
  • Install all required plugins.
  • Active all plugins and visit your site and check your website layout.

What I miss?

In this article, I tried my best to cover the topic of how to install WordPress theme. If I was unable to describe the whole topic about how to install WordPress theme then let me know what I miss in this topic. I would love to see the things that I left in my article. Let me know by comments on the things that I miss I will put that thing to in this article and improve my article.

 Your Feedback is Important

How was this article give me feedback I would love to receive your feedback. If you have any queries related to WordPress about any topic let me know I will try my best to provide you solution related topic WordPress.

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