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What is wordpress | Wordpress | Introduction to Wordpress


What is word press | Wordpress | Introduction to Wordpress

What is word press | Wordpress
What is word press | Wordpress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system called CMS that is totally based on PHP MySQL HTML CSS and. Wordpress including plugins system and the templates. It was released on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
Wordpress is used mostly for blogging nowadays it is used for almost all types of sites eCommerce sites with the best plugin woo commerce for online stores to make the user friendly and site admin friendly environment to check the orders and many more things it’s a complete solution for site admin, WordPress provided solutions in mailing lists and media galleries and social networking solutions, the best plugins for social networking sites are Buddy Press, peeps, etc.
Wordpress is used more than 61 million websites nowadays and WordPress is the most popular website management system in these days and becoming more famous day by day because of its user-friendly environment. Users just have to install WordPress on a webserver or install on the local host with XAMPP or WAMPP to practice purpose on local machine.

Wordpress themes

What is word press | Wordpress
What is word press | Wordpress

Wordpress is installed using a WordPress theme. Wordpress theme allows us to change the site according to our purposes without altering the core code of the site. A WordPress site required one theme to be present and the theme must be designed using the WordPress standards to code in PHP Mysql HTML CSS etc. The theme may be installed using Admin panel in WordPress dashboard and go to themes and can be changed any time and the new theme will be activated to see the new theme on our site. Wordpress has free and premium themes free can be used free of cost for your website and the premium is paid theme they will require some cost to pay for getting these themes for use to your website.

Wordpress plugins

What is word press | Wordpress
What is word press | Wordpress

Wordpress plugin is used to extend the features and functionality of a site. Plugin has custom functions and feature that provides user to maintain their site according to their needs we can say plugins are the customization to your site user can use plugin with their admin dashboard to customize their site according to their requirements, for example, a user wants to sell products then he will install woocommerce, if a user wants to make their site high ranking in the google the user will install Yoast. A user can use many plugins in his site at a time and according to his requirements.


Wordpress can be used for getting the best results in lesser time. Wordpress is easy to use for every user even non-technical person that doesn’t know how to do programming but I suggest to people to at least know HTML CSS and basic PHP before starting wordpress for best results.  


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    what type of information is contained in a dns mx record?
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    What Type Of Information Is Contained In A Dns Mx Record?


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