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What is the WordPress theme | What is a WordPress theme


What is the WordPress theme | What is a WordPress theme

What is the wordpress theme | What is a wordpress theme
What is the wordpress theme | What is a wordpress theme

Introduction to WordPress theme

A Wordpress Theme is a layout of how a WordPress website will you see. In this article, I will show you details about what is the WordPress theme. And what WP themes do for the website. How we use WordPress. When we need a Wordpress theme for our website. I am going to give you many more Answers to your questions in this article.

After reading this article you will be able to answer the following questions.

  • What is WordPress?
  • What is the WordPress theme?
  • Is WP theme Paid or free to use
  • Paid WP themes
  • Difference between paid and free WP theme
  • When to install the WP theme?
  • Where to install the WP theme?
  • Where are the free WP themes available?
  • Can we customize a WordPress theme?
Before letting you know about what is WP. I would like to tell you about what is WordPress.

What is WordPress

Wordpress is a CMS system that is used to build websites. Initially, it was developed to build blogging websites. But with the development of WP now you can use it for every purpose website. You can use it to build an e-commerce website you can build a beautiful business website or any other blogging or e-commerce solution for a customer online store. WP is built with PHP programming language. Its WP theme can be customized with the PHP programming language.

What is the WordPress theme?

A Wordpress Theme is a layout of your website which you will use. WP theme is a front end view of your WP website. The WP theme is mainly having index.php file that is the first page or index page view and the style.css file. This style.css file will be used to make your website colorful or manage all page layouts and make your website attractive etc.

Is WP theme Paid or free to use

Wordpress theme is free as well as paid also available. If you want to get a free theme then you have to visit wordpress.org and then click on themes and search your desired category theme. WP has more than 15000+ themes available on its website wordpress.org. Use theme themes they are free to use and powered by WordPress.

Paid WP themes

There are hundreds of websites that provide paid WP themes just search for a theme and you will get thousands of search results. The main websites are elegentthemes.com   themeforest.net colorlib.com athemes.com are famous websites for providing paid WP themes.

Difference between paid and free WordPress theme

Free and paid theme having the proper working both. But the paid WP themes are built in a more attractive way. Paid WP themes having more attractive layouts then the free versions of the WP themes. Some WP theme is available in both a free version as well as paid or pro version. The paid or premium WP theme version is having more functionality as well as more attractive too.

When to install the WordPress theme?

If you have a question in mind when installing a WP theme? Let me answer you about when to install a WP theme. The first and foremost step for you to get a hosting and domain if you want to work online. If you don’t have a hosting and domain and want to work offline on your computer or laptop. First, install xampp or wamp localhost servers.  Then install WP and select your WP theme if you download or search from the WP search theme option. After that install theme after installing the WP theme activate the WP theme.

Where to install a WordPress theme?

There are several options to install a WP theme. You can install a WP theme from the server uploading the theme zip file. Search theme from WordPress search box and install the WP theme online. You can upload a WP theme file from the WP dashboard.

Where are free WordPress themes available?

If you want to search free WP theme then for your best suggestion is to use wordpress.org website and search WP theme. You can search by theme name, theme category, or more explore the theme category. For example e-commerce theme, blog, food and drink and many more you can use the feature filter option to select your more desired theme for your WP website. However, justfreethemes.com is also providing the best free themes but most of them wordpress.org has themes.

Can we customize a WordPress theme?

Yes, you can customize a WP theme by using your programming skills in PHP programing language. Most of the themes required only HTML and CSS to change their front end view change. You can use WP providing page builders wp bakery page builder and elementor page builder. They are used to manage your pages and the layout of your website on Wordpress. Both of these WP page builders are paid and free versions available. When we use these page builders to develop your website then you can make your website according to your desired layout front end. The best suggestion for you is to use a theme that supports elementor or wp bakery page builder if you want to make layout according to your desire. Page builders can make your website slow if you are not knowing about how to use theme page builders.

Final words.

A WordPress theme is a layout that shows how a website looks like and the entire front end show of your website as well as the backend functionality too. Most of the time for backend functionality we use plugins but some themes have their own functions.

What I miss?

I tried my best to show all the things to cover the topic of what is the WordPress theme. But if I miss any topic that can be discussed in this topic and I miss that topic in this article. Just comment me the topic which I can discuss in this article. I will give importance to your comment and will add the topic to the article.

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Thanks, Muhammad Saeed

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