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How Much do Bloggers Make | Making Money by Blogging


How Much do Bloggers Make | Making Money by Blogging

How much do bloggers make
How much do bloggers make
This is a difficult question to answer how much do bloggers make. Let me make a complete scenario for you to show the realities and facts. You have 10 websites and you are beginners Let suppose you just get very low traffic from search engines and your earning source is only Google Adsense. So Let me show you some real-time examples.
Let suppose you get 10$ from 1 website as a beginner you will get only 10$ may be less when you start your blogging. You have 10$ from each website and you have 10 websites so let's calculate it.
10$ *  10 = 100$ 
you will make 100$ per month as begginer. 
If you get some good traffic each website will go to easily 100$ per month and you will make from 10 websites then
100$ * 10 = 1000$ 
you are able to get 1000$ from blogging with good organic traffic from European countries, like USA UK Australia, etc.  When I am talking about good organic traffic it means that you are getting thousands of visitors from Search engines for a website.                               

Let me tell you about how much do bloggers make?

Here I would like to answer how much do bloggers make? It’s a quite simple question but so difficult to answer this question. Because it has many aspects to see before giving answers to this question. 
It is depending on how much do bloggers make.
what if I answer that bloggers make millions of dollars in a month it will be a true story.
And what if I vote that bloggers make 0 dollars a month then?
You will be so amazed who the hell I am who is giving bullshit answers…

The Reality of a Blogger How Much do Bloggers Make?

But really it will also true answer. Because it is true many bloggers make 0 incomes who are new bloggers. And some of the bloggers make more than a common person can even imagine per month incomes. 
Some of them just start blogging and when they earn 0 dollars. At the start of their career then they left blogging and choose any other profession.
But I would like to tell you if you choose to blog as your profession then you have to work hard.
You have to work 18 hours a daily at least in your start to run your blog and generate good traffic for your blog.
You will work while you are eating and you have to work day and night. A blogger will not get even 1 dollar from blogging for some months.
These months are difficult for you because you are not getting money and just working.
But trust me you will get these months to reward in the future months.
You will get great rewards in the future when you will get high ranks in Search Engines. And get a huge amount of dollars from monetization and guest posting and many more from your blog.
Your blog will give your work back to you it is sure by me. 

The Income of a Blogger How Much do Bloggers Make

Commonly a blogger can make after 1 year of his career in blogging and work hard. He makes $$$ figure income it depends on the person how he manages his work.
Some bloggers make $$$$ from their first year but they are not common. They manage very well and work extraordinary for blogging.

How to make Good earning from blogging without very high traffic.

If you want to earn a huge income from blogging. Then you have to plan wisely to earn money from blogging using Google Adsense.
I am giving some tips to earn a huge income with low traffic as well from blogging. You will survive as a beginner in the blogging field.

Follow the tips to get good money from blogging as a beginner.  

  1. Write articles on low competition keywords, they will rank in early and give you income. 
  2. Plan your keywords that are high CPC and with low competition. 
  3. Your CPC is what you will earn from google when someone clicks on your ads.
  4. Try to plan more and more high CPC keywords but add some low keywords. That has zero competition to drive traffic to your website. 
  5. Give internal links in low competition articles high CPC already written articles on your website. So that visitors will visit using links and chances of the ads click will increase. When someone comes to your website and sees articles and sees different posts on your website. 
  6. Do on-page and off-page SEO to get traffic from search engines.
  7. Share your website links to social media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest, Reddit.
  8. Give answers on Questions and answers website to answer and give links in your answers. Quora Yahoo Answers and many others are there. 
  9. Find the same niche websites or blogs and comment on those websites and give your website link in your comments. 
  10. Join Forums and give your link on the forum's websites. 
  11. Try to take links from High DA websites for this you can search on google to get high DA. Free profile creation websites, High DA websites that provide a free do-follow backlink. 
  12. Sign up and put information and give regularly links on daily basis from high DA websites not more than 2 to 3 backlinks in a day. 
  13. Try to write a long post who has the content of 2000 words or more. 
  14. The as long content as the chances of rank is higher in search engines but remember your content must be unique and 100% relevant to the subject matter. 

What I miss in this article?

I tried my best to put things all relevant to this topic How much do bloggers make money and making money by blogging. If I miss anything then let me know I will add what you suggest. Your feedback is important for me you can give me feedback in the comments section.

Author Bio 

Muhammad Saeed is an MSC (IT) Master's Degree holder from Government College University Faisalabad. He is doing blogging since 2017. His source of income is freelancing and blogging earns from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

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