How much do bloggers make | How much money do bloggers make


How much do bloggers make | How much money do bloggers make

How much do bloggers make
How much do bloggers make


Let me tell you about how much do bloggers make?

Here I would like to answer how much do bloggers make? It’s a quite simple question but so difficult to answer this question. Because it has many aspects to see before giving answers to this question. 
It is depending on how much do bloggers make.
what if I answer that bloggers make millions of dollars in a month it will be a true story.
And what if I vote that bloggers make 0 dollars a month then?
You will be so amazed who the hell I am who is giving bullshit answers…

The reality of a blogger 

But really it will also true answer. Because it is true many bloggers make 0 incomes who are new bloggers. And some of the bloggers make more than a common person can even imagine per month incomes. 
Some of them just start blogging and when they earn 0 dollars at the start of their career then they left blogging and choose any other profession.
But I would like to tell you if you choose to blog as your profession then you have to work hard.
You have to work 18 hours a daily at least in your start to run your blog and generate good traffic for your blog.
You will work while you are eating and you have to work day and night. A blogger will not get even 1 dollar from blogging for some months.
These months are difficult for you because you are not getting money and just working.
But trust me you will get these months to reward in the future months.
You will get great rewards in the future when you will get high ranks in Search Engines and get a huge amount of dollars from monetization and guest posting and many more from your blog.
Your blog will give your work back to you it is sure by me. 

The income of a blogger 

Commonly a blogger can make after 1 year of his career in blogging and work hard he makes $$$ figure income it depends on the person how he manages his work.
Some bloggers make $$$$ from their first year but they are not common they manage very well and work extraordinary for blogging.

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