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what is blogger | Advantages and Disadvantages of blogger


What is blogger Advantages and Disadvantages of blogger 

if you are going to start a blog and want to start your blog and wanted to know about blogger then this article is best for you because I am here tried to tell you all about what you need to analyze the things, covering the advantages and disadvantages of blogger too.

How things will present in this article.

First, we will discuss what is a blogger? why we use blogger? what are the advantages and disadvantages of a blogger blog website?

what is blogger
what is blogger

So what is a blogger?

blogger is a free web hosting and domain provided by google to their publishers it provides yourdomianname.blogspot.com  this is owned by Google and Google have authority to remove your blog if you are not using content that Google does not allow you to post on blogger.

Why we use blogger? 

we use blogger to host a free domain and hosting to publish our content on blogger, the blogger is used as a complete website, to publish our content rank our content on Google or other search engines, the blogger is used to monetizing products and for the affiliate products and even we can earn money from Google AdSense to display ads on our blogger blog.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a blogger blog website?


  1. Blogger is totally free of cost.
  2. Blogger is owned by google biggest search engine that means it will ranks early your website.
  3. Blogger is providing you facility to advertise your products or any affiliate product on blogger web.
  4. Blogger is providing free of different themes.
  5. Blogger is providing you facility to change your theme totally or customize it or even upload your custom theme on blogger.
  6. You can post any type of content of on blogger, for example, video file image file, written content and make links and many more.


  1. Blogger is owned by Google not you.
  2. Blogger has an SEO issue that you can't use plugins to do seo of page or on page seo and check the tracks.
  3. Your blog can be removed any time by google if you don't implement their rules and regulations.
  4. Blogger domain will take time to have authority this may not have authority as they should have on the purchased domain .com  .org etc. 
  5. Blogger provided free domain have the long name as compare to the purchased domain for example blogger domain will be  saeeddeveloper.blogspot.com and purchased domain will be saeeddeveloper.com  


Blogger blog is the best thing for newbies bloggers who want to start blogging without investing anything and take a start but if you are very serious in blogging and can invest money then just purchase a domain and hosting its recommended. If you cant invest then blogger is the best way to start your blogging from zero.

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