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Best Blogging Platform 2020 | Best Blogging Platform to Make Money


Best Blogging Platform 2020| Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Best Blogging Platform 2020
Best Blogging Platform 2020

In this article, you will know about the best blogging platform 2020. So you are here to know which is the best blogging platform to do blogging and earn money from blogging. Mostly people ask this question that which is the best blogging platform. Let me give you the best answer in this detailed article on this question. Let discuss the topic with details.

WordPress No 1 and Best Blogging Platform 2020  

If you are new to blogging and you want to know about what is the best blogging platform then you also can pay for hosting and a domain then I suggest you go with WordPress purchase and domain and a suitable hosting plan to earn money. Because if you go with a free blogging platform then you will not earn early you will have to do hard work as well as you have to face a lot of restrictions on free domain and hosting.
WordPress is also providing free domain and hosting but not recommended by me. Because WordPress has restrictions on a free domain like yourwebsite.wordpress.com this domain and hosting provided by WordPress will not

Blogger No 2 Best Blogging Platform 2020

Blogger is a platform that is providing free domain and hosting by google to you it provides domain like yourdomain.blogspot.com  it provides free hosting as well this is the best platform if you don't have money to invest for blogging to purchase a domain and hosting.
I suggest you if you don't have money then start blogging from blogger and when you start earning then purchase a domain and put it on blogger hosting in this way you will get free hosting, or if you have a less budget to purchase an only domain then blogger is the best option for you.
Google AdSense will be approved early at blogger because of its Google platform, Note that if you go with blogger free domain like yoursite.blogspot.com then you have to wait for the first 6 months to start your monetization because of its one of the google's rule.

Are you still curious about what is the best blogging platform? or Which is the best blogging platform?

Other Blogging platforms 

if you are still want to know about what is a best blogging platform? As I know there are many blogging platforms but they are costly they are not famous as these 2 WordPress and blogger and they have even not as free tools as WordPress providing free of cost themes plugins and many more if you have the budget then purchase a WordPress hosting and a domain and go to your journey of blogging with a smile because your smile is more important than anything else.

Summary of the topic Best Blogging Platform 2020

In this article, I tried my best to include the best blogging platforms. Wordpress and blogger.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Blogger is free with a free domain and provides hosting and domain as well as you can put ads from google. On the other end,
WordPress can provide you free hosting with domain and their services will restrict you that you can’t put ads from google on free hosting high restrictions.
Wordpress provides SEO friendly themes and post layouts anyone can rank their website if they have even basic knowledge of SEO. On the other hand,
Blogger SEO is difficult as compare to WordPress. Wordpress provides plugins for SEO for example, Yoast SEO plugin rank math SEO and many more that give you an idea about the readability of your post and SEO quality of your post.
In case using a blogger you can’t do that. It only provides the posting page that allows you a limited thing to do.
Hope you will know about what is the best blogging platform.

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