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Personal blog 

A personal blog is a blog that has no specific niche it maybe consists of a personal experiances or their life stories or events sharing moments on this blog.
personal blog
Personal blog 

Personal blog example

Here I will provide you the best examples of personal blogs.
  1. Nia Shanks
  2. Simon Sinek
  3. Ellen Skye Riley
  4. Tim Harford
  5. Joshua McCartney
  6. Hope Reagan
  7. Tim Ferriss
  8. Seth Godin
  9. Pascal van Gemert
  10. Ximena N. Larkin
  11. Charlie Waite
  12. Anna Santos
  13. Kevin Koeshartono
  14. Joe Mcnally
  15. Geraldine DeRuiter

Personal bloggers lifestyle.

Personal bloggers are the bloggers who write blogs about what they like and what they want to show people, for example, their hobbies their work or their personal life stories or their experiences or their lifestyle or anything that they want to share. 

Personal bloggers don't need any income from their blogs they love to blog so they work to famous themselves or they just show off their stuff. Their main priority is to show the things to people show off their experiences and becomes famous in the eye of the public. 

They just like blogging so that they do blogging. Personal blogger maybe a person who know how to blog and they can show their own experience and they can show their life stories they can show their love story they can share their educational life stories that are interested to show people how he/she spend their life what was the life experience their advice and many more can be count in personal blogs.

Personal bloggers can use their personal photos and their pets photos and their family photos and videos too. Personal bloggers don't care for the people or audience as compare to professional bloggers. Personal bloggers do what is their passion or their love to do things. 

Personal bloggers thoughts. 

A personal blogger thought that they will get people attraction and will be famous in the public and attract people so that they do personal blogging and share their life events and many more things. As all fingers of the hand are not equal the people having different purposes so some of the personal bloggers create their blog especially for generating revenue from their blogs as well as grooming their personality too, or just to earn money.

Some Personal bloggers make handsome money. 

All people are not working for making them self famous some personal bloggers make a handsome money from personal blogging to post their own videos and pictures and their life stories people come to their blogs and read the stories and in this way personal bloggers get good traffic and makes money by Google AdSense and by promoting other products like amazon affiliates etc.

Personal bloggers are not bound. 

A personal blogger is not bound to get more traffic because they don't focus on generating revenue they just focus to get attraction by people or becomes famous and they even don't use Google AdSense or any affiliate program so they are free to live their lives and use blog according to their own mindset.

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