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who is a blogger


Who is a blogger

A blogger is a person who writes blogs and has their own blogs on different topics or niches and it may be one or more. in other words, the owner of the blog is called a blogger. 
who is a blogger
who is a blogger

Let me give you answer you in details who is a blogger 

Blogger can be divided into different categories by their work.
  1. Personal bloggers
  2. Business bloggers
  3. Professional bloggers
  4. Affiliate bloggers
  5. Niche bloggers
  6. Reverse bloggers
  7. Freelance bloggers
  8. Photobloggers
  9. Video bloggers 

Personal bloggers 

Personal bloggers are the bloggers who write blogs for their personal likes and dislikes they don't do blogging to earn money they do blogging to share their personal life.

Business bloggers 

Business bloggers are the bloggers who do blogging to improve their business or they do for someone to help to improve their business. Business bloggers write blog posts related to their business what they are doing.

Professional bloggers 

Professional bloggers are the persons who do blogging as a profession they earn money from blogging and do blogging as work and they have complete living on blogging.

Affiliate bloggers 

Affiliate bloggers are the bloggers who write their blogs on affiliates like amazon affiliates or hosting affiliate they just write articles on different products and put links of the given website to their blogs and the user comes and purchase the products and the blogger earn a commission from the affiliates. For example, you are doing affiliates with amazon and you will have to sign up as an affiliate then you will get the links to put on your blog to sell products and get commissions.

Niche bloggers 

Niche bloggers select one niche and write posts on that relevant niche, for example, a niche blogger select a niche on food and he will not write articles in his blog for technology he will remain on foods he can select different groups in food his keywords will be relevant to food he will not go for another niche of keywords, if he does that this will not be a user experience.

Reverse bloggers

Reverse bloggers are the bloggers who own the reverse blogs, reverse bloggers don't write their posts for their blogs they provide facility to people to guest post and put their links and share their stuff to their reverse blogs , reverse bloggers have team who just check what should be live and what will be rejected, they select quality content and rejects the spammers.

Freelance bloggers

Freelance bloggers are the bloggers who write blogs to earn money as freelance they get the order from clients and write what are the requirements of the client. The client tells all the requirements what niche and keywords and what about words to use in the blog how media and many more. Freelance blogger kept the requirement in the mind and do the same things what the client required.


Photobloggers post photos on their blogs and put just photos not anything else is called photobloggers, they earn money from their photoblogs and get revenue from putting photos.

Video bloggers 

video bloggers are the persons who put their video stuff to their blogs and share with people they are called video bloggers they just put their stuff on their blogs and generate revenue from their blogs. 

what I miss? 

what is not in the list let me know in comments I will put it to the list your comments and suggestions are very important for me I will highly appreciate your feedback.

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