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How to install wordpress on xampp | Wordpress admin login localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/


localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/  | How to install WordPress on xampp | Wordpress admin login

Learn how to install WordPress on localhost step by step How to install WordPress on xampp,  WordPress admin login localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ complete details 

In these tutorials, you will learn how to install WordPress step by step in just simple 26 steps to access your WordPress dashboard on your localhost website. How to install WordPress on xampp, WordPress admin login localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/

Follow instructions to install WordPress on localhost. How to install WordPress on xampp  localhost/wordpress/wp-admin

Step 1.  Go to Google and type download WordPress on google
Step2.  Click on google results wordpress.org 
Step3. Click on download latest version of WordPress
Step4. Choose your disk where you want to download WordPress.
Step5. Unzip files
Step6. Paste unzip file WordPress to XAMPP/WAMP
Step7. Start your  XAMPP/WAMP
Step8. Open your browser and type localhost on your browser. localhost/wordpress/wp-admin
Step9. Select your WordPress folder and click on that folder.
Step10. Select language to setup WordPress
Step11. Make a database name in WordPress
Step12. Create a database in PHPMyAdmin with same name as the database given in WordPress configuration. For this go to the new tab open localhost/phpmyadmin and click on new and give name to the database and save.
Step13. Again go to the WordPress configuration tab and give the name to the user as root.
Step14. Password left empty.
Step15. Database Host left as localhost
Step16.Table Prefix left as wp_ 
Step17. Click on the submit button.
Step18. Click on the run the installation 
Step19. Give a site title for your website.
Step20.Give a USER NAME for your site dashboard (when you enter  yoursite/wp-admin
wordpress/wp-admin  remember that user name for future login
 Step21.Give a password and remember it for login details.confirm if you are giving the weak password.
Step22. Give provide your email.
Step23.Not check search engine visibility.
Step24. Click on Install WordPress.
Step25. Successfully installed WordPress and now click on login.  by pressing this localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/
Step26. Give the User name and Password here. When you click on login after giving user and password correct then you will redirect to the dashboard page of your WordPress :) 

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Final thoughts:

Here I tried my best to cover the things related to How to install Wordpress on xampp | WordPress admin login | WordPress download if I made any mistake or any other issue with my post let me know to help me to make better for you. If you like my post please comment I will love to share more with you. If you have any custom problem share with me I will provide you solution. localhost/wordpress/wp-admin or localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ 

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