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How to delete an account on Facebook


 How to delete an account on Facebook

How to delete a Facebook account permanently 

How to delete an account on Facebook
How to delete an account on Facebook

One of the main reasons to delete a Facebook account is due to privacy concerns. And if you want to stop using the Facebook app then delete it or deactivate. If people have some privacy concerns then people delete or deactivate their accounts. It’s easy to delete a Facebook account. I will show you how to delete a Facebook account, 

Here are easy steps on how to delete an account on Facebook

    1. To delete a Facebook account click on the Facebook app
    2. Click on the top right corner arrow (account) and tab on it. Your profile will be appear
    3. Go on setting and privacy then click settings
    4. Click on “your Facebook information” located on the left side then click on the deactivation and deletion option
    5. Then two options will appear “Deactivate Account” and “Permanently Deleted”
    6. Click on permanently delete your account. If you click on delete your account then options will show “Download your Facebook information”.
    7. Then click on the delete button. Then your account will be deleted permanently.


The main reason for deleting your account is a privacy concern. People may not feel safe. With the delete of your account, your messenger will also be deleted if you want. You lost all your videos, photos, posts, memories your friends, and your important updates. So, while you delete your account you should be saved all of them. Make sure you have a backup of your photos, videos, posts, and links. When you delete your account then download your information option will also appear then click on download and you’re all Facebook data will be downloaded.

In the deactivation process, your account will be deactivated for 30 and your profile will display for people and friends who add to your account. Your posts, photos, and videos will not be shown to anyone. There is a 30 day time period of deactivating your account. Within 30 days any time you reactivate your account. If you want your Facebook account back.


 When you click on ‘Facebook information’’ there are two options that will appear that delete your account and deactivation. You click on delete my account and continue. Then your account will be deleted permanently. Now you have gone and uninstall the Facebook app.

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