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What is the Facebook timeline?


 What is the Facebook timeline?

In this short article, I will discuss what is the Facebook timeline? So, your Facebook timeline is related to your friends. If your friends share a post on timeline, you see this post on your home page and see all the friends who related it.  You can find the birthday to your friend on the timeline, and you wished birthday to your friend on his timeline. 

Brief Introduction to Facebook timeline

When you start eating a portion of delicious food you snap and post your Facebook page, thanks to the Facebook button in that your friends can't search for you. Facebook is a social network where we post our photos, videos, and other messages to our friends and the public. You carefully organize the photo album until you can see the memory easily. In short, your life is an open book. But in present, everything changed.  You probably even post about it. Facebook rolled its timeline own users' personal pages. You can click here to get Facebook like free

The two options 

When you using your Facebook account, there are two basic options looking at, there is one option your home page and the second option is the news feed. Your personal page is in your control. You can see the post, photos, and videos. It works as a blog.

Timeline makes it easy to hide or delete specific posts and pictures from the timeline. If you are in doubt your personal information extends the people. You go to setting and check all the privacy setting option and read be carefully and locked your personal information.

The best way to get using a start use to timeline. Go to your friends' timelines and write their post. You uploaded the photos, text, and links your timeline and get thinking and opinion from your friends.

Although the back and front between the friends are one of delight the timelines. But some people find little difficulty understanding the timeline. If you do not share personal information with your friends, removed your friends from your timeline.

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