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Video Editing Basics and Tips To Be Successful


 Video Editing Basics and Tips To Be Successful
Video Editing Basics and Tips To Be Successful
 Video Editing Basics and Tips To Be Successful


Online videos will constitute 82% of internet traffic by 2022, says the CISCO Annual Internet Report. With such an uprising trend in the market, videos could be used as a tool for creating an impact and making a difference. Whether it is for product marketing, education purpose, promotion of an idea, or even a  presentation, an explainer video is effective in every field. Therefore, to stand out, you need to have the best video editor to do wonders for you.


But an editor alone won't help you win. You need to know the art of playing. That's why the following are the basics of video editing that you should be mindful about - 


Choose good hardware and tools.

Video editing is a process that requires a computer with good features like a fast solid-state drive, plenty of RAM, multicore processor as well. This is an important hardware choice as this process requires high power.


Similarly, even though there are plenty of free video editing websites, a good online video editor with advanced features can change video editing in a fun game.


By choosing good hardware and tools, you could make your video standout from the rest of the market.

If you are looking for a great tool to make high-performing videos, Promo is the best option. 
Promo is a platform wherein you can create videos easily.


Planning is must

It is aptly said that planning is a necessity in any field. So, by planning how to edit your video, you have simply done your task in half. Considering the audience-specific goals in mind will help you understand how to edit your video. In addition,  the purpose of the video will make your message more clear. Video must be conversing in nature, and you must address questions in the mind of viewers.

The key to planning is that a single idea must be focused upon a time, and by laying more focus on one problem, you could create a more informative and concrete video.


File management is important.

The organisation is the simplification of even the most complex tasks. Therefore, by simply organising your entire content, you assist yourself in the process of video editing. With plenty of file requirements in one video, you need a good organisation ability to edit properly. Therefore, you need to organise before you edit.


Some of the organisation techniques you can use are the name files, sort files, and create bins as well. Opting for the best video editor helps you organise your video stuff. This would help you work faster, efficiently and free up your computer memory.


Select higher resolution videos

Today is such an advanced era of digitalisation that no one appreciates video with low quality. Thus, high-quality images, videos, and content must be used to make your video noticeable in the market.

Even though you could use low-quality images, videos, and sound, they won't create the same level of impact. In the case of videos, you must use video with 480p or higher resolution, and pictures must be used either of .jpg or .png file types.


Give proper emphasis on the right sound.

It is an underrated fact that sound can help you to capture the attention of your audience. If you have chosen a perfect sound for your video by the hit and trial method, you will realise how important the role sound plays in your video.

An HD sound pours emotions into your video and makes it effective. However, copyrights of a sound must not be violated. So, with a top-notch sound, you could make your video a bit more realistic, and the sound helps create an impact in the viewers’ minds.


Other editing effects.

Editing is a powerful tool that would help you perform wonders. Experimentation can have a place in your videos. However, some basic editing features need to be a part of your videos, like transitions and captions. Transitions make your video a little appealing as it provides the viewers with elements of surprise. Also, captions are a must in a video for better understanding to a mass population. You could also use picturesque effects like gradients, black and white, and chrome effects to create colour differences and better presentation.


It is essential to choose the best video editor offering premium professional tools for video editing. The top 10 editors that can be considered are -

  1. InVideo
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Lightworks
  4. DaVinci Resolve
  5. iMovie
  6. Filmora
  7. Shotcut
  8. VSDC Free Video Editor
  9. Power Director
  10. Pinnacle Studio


In addition, to the basic video editing tips, mentioned below are professional pointers for an effective video -

       Keep yourself updated with the recent trends as it will create more probability of your video reaching a mass population. If you keep on following past trends, you might lag in covering those interested in modern trends.


       You don't need to add too many elements to your video. A strong single idea with a simple video could perform the job for you without any flashy graphics.


       You must focus on colour aspects of your video, like colour correction, colour grading, etc., to make your video balanced and beautiful.


       You need to upload your video in the highest possible resolution without a huge file size for better reach. A top-class quality video is always preferred over an average video.


       Keep yourself fundamentally updated with the concepts of video editing. It would help you understand the video editing industry and communicate better with others who might have a great idea.


       Remember keyboard shortcuts thoroughly to edit your video fast. It helps in saving time and makes you quite efficient. You could use cheat sheets, editing keyboards, etc.


A clear idea of what you want to be served in a creative video edited professionally is all it takes to make a successful video. But it isn't as easy as it sounds. Much like any other creative work, a lot goes into making a video. From developing an idea to finally rendering the output, a slight quality compromise on any step can make your name and can even put your goodwill at stake. After all, the success of your video depends on the choices you make.

So, think wisely and choose quality! :)

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