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Instagram for business tips | market your business on instagram | Guide



Instagram for business tips | Improve your business performance on Instagram with these 15 tips

Instagram for business tips
Instagram for business tips

Instagram for business is a powerful tool that can help you improve the sales of your business. Here in this article, I will discuss in details Instagram for business tips I will try to cover all matrics in just 15 Instagram business tips to really improve your business performance and market your business on Instagram. 

But to achieve good results in the fashion social network a lot of dedication is necessary. Success doesn't come without effort, but we want to make it a little easier for you.

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With these 15 Instagram for business tips that we have prepared for you, you will learn how to improve the performance of your Instagram account for companies.

Let's discuss these tips to get more from Instagram to your business growth and sales.

Instagram for business tips # 1 Come up with a strategy. 

You have already decided that you want your business to be present on Instagram for companies and you can't wait to start spreading the word on the fashion social network. But you have to have a little patience and draw a good strategy before embarking on the adventure. To begin, you must ask yourself the right questions: What are my goals? What audience am I addressing? What kind of posts will make me get more engagement? Once these questions are answered ... to the mess!

Before starting to use #Instagram, be very clear about your objectives and the audience you are targeting

Instagram for business tips # 2 Optimize your profile.

Before you start posting on any social network, your profile should be as complete as possible. The first thing is to choose the correct username. Of course, the ideal would be for your business, for example, @saeeddeveloper. The next step is to cover the description, briefly telling what your company does. You can do it including hashtags or even just with hashtags, whatever you prefer! Don't forget to fill in the URL field by putting your corporate website there, as it is important that your followers can access it easily. Normally, companies that have a presence on Instagram choose to use their corporate logo as a profile image, and this is what we recommend. Finally, and although it seems obvious, your profile must be public in order to reach your entire target.

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 Instagram for business tips # 3 Be true to your corporate identity. 

This recommendation extends to all social networks, as they are the best reflection of your company's brand image. That is why it is important to have a defined personality and voice, that although they are different in each social network, they do not cease to be essentially faithful to the corporate identity of the company. For example, in websa100 our publications are different depending on which social network, but in all of them we try to convey our passion for digital marketing and a lot of good vibes.

Instagram for business tips # 4 Use geolocation. 

For local businesses, it is very important to take advantage of the advantages of geolocation. Customers like to know where we are and how they can reach us, and there is no easier way than with a map. In addition, adding geolocation to all our publications helps to improve our local SEO.

Instagram for business tips # 5 Interacts with your followers. 

Listen, respond and be grateful. It is the key to success on all social networks. Follow other users, whether they are influencers or simply followers of interest for their publications, and participate by liking and commenting on other publications. Look for the connection with your followers and don't forget that engagement generates engagement. Especially at the beginning, it is very important that you are the one who takes the step and begins to follow others and over time become more selective and only follow those who may be potential clients.

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Instagram for business tips # 6 Don't sell your service or product, sell experiences.

 The trend that is most popular now (and that we love) is to show your business on Instagram those things that can be done with a product or service. That is, if for example you sell clothes, instead of publishing a photo of the mannequin wearing a party dress, put a photo of a party in which someone is enjoying your dress. The same with food, hairdressing services, cars, etc. Take advantage of the potential of Instagram for companies and offer your potential clients what they are looking for: unique experiences.

Instagram for business tips # 7 Be consistent on Instagram for business. 

You cannot be like the Guadiana, which appears and disappears. Once you start on this social network it is very important that you publish at a regular rate and that you do not abandon your profile at the first change. There are no valid excuses to go weeks without publishing when the ideal is to do it every day. If you don't have time, leave it in the hands of professionals, they will be in charge of keeping your profile updated so that your company achieves a good online reputation.

Instagram for business tips # 8 Get the most out of hashtags. 

To get started, use them. It is a very effective way for the users that interest you to find you on the social network. You should use both general hashtags and more specific ones. Among the general ones, look for those that you can use as keywords and that have to do with your business, as long as they have a good number of searches: #AgencyMarketing, #GraphicDesign, #SocialMedia, And use the specific ones to name your company # SaeedDeveloper or for specific events, campaigns and contests. Also take advantage of the hashtags that are trending, if they fit your brand and you can reach many more people in a matter of seconds. Analyze if the hashtags you use are working, with tools like Iconsquare, and if they don't, look for new tags that can give you better results.

Use #hashtags in your #Instagram posts, take advantage of the trending ones

Instagram for business tips # 9 Use mentions. 

As you already know, good feedback from followers is essential for the proper functioning of any corporate social network. For this to happen it is very important to use the "@" mentions. You can mention your clients, followers, influencers, celebrities, etc. In this way, you will be able to increase engagement and achieve more success in this network.

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 # 10 Show the more human side of your business. 

Increasingly, it can be observed how consumers like to discover the most human side of companies and know the faces of those who are behind their favorite brands. Take advantage of Instagram for companies to show and present your business employees in a more relaxed and fun way. You can also teach the different phases that your product or service goes through and thus make your followers participate in the entire project development process. Your followers will thank you.

 # 11 Use the power of video. 

Instagram allows you to publish, in addition to images, videos up to 15 seconds long. The videos, even if they are short, allow you to show your product or service in an original and fun way. Use them to get out of the routine and stand out on Instagram for business. Your followers are going to love it! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

 # 12 Run contests. Contests work great on Instagram for business. 

You can create a specific hashtag for a contest and encourage them to send, for example, photos on a theme that has to do with what your company does. The award is important that it is also related to your sector. In this way, you will get your fans to engage and your content will become more viral.

With contests on #Instagram, you will get your fans to commit and your content will go viral

 # 13 Leans on other social networks.

 Especially when starting out, it is important that you spread your Instagram content for companies on other networks such as Facebook or Twitter, to reach more people. Likewise, if you launch a contest, it will have a much greater reach when broadcasting it through other channels. This does not mean that you can publish the same thing on all networks since each one has its own "personality". But you can lean on them when necessary and thus increase your community.

 # 14 Find balance. 

There are very beautiful and easy to sell products in a visual way and others with which the task is complicated. Our advice is that you always seek a balance between those funny images made to be liked by everyone and those others in which you show your business as it is. But on Instagram we must never renounce “niceness” and for this, we will help ourselves with the great filters it offers us, turning photos that in principle are not attractive into beautiful images that will please your followers.

#15 Use the right tools to optimize the performance of your account on Instagram for business. 

To establish a winning strategy and, most importantly, analyze the results to change what is not working, it is essential to use external tools or applications. Some "apps" will help you improve your publications, others will tell you what time to post, you can also search for hashtags that are trending at the moment, ... and much more. With these tools, you will notably improve the performance of your profile, thus achieving success in this social network. I hope you understand better about market your business on Instagram. 

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And that's all for today! I hope you've learned how to get the most out of Instagram for business. I await your comments! 


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