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Benefits of Integrating Instagram Feed with Your Website Design


 Benefits of Integrating Instagram Feed with Your Website Design


Benefits of Integrating Instagram Feed with Your Website Design

Benefits of Integrating Instagram Feed with Your Website Design

What according to you is the key to online success for almost a brand or company?


Of course, a great ‘Website’ is the answer. Therefore it is very important to create a beautifully designed & fully functional business website. But it doesn’t matter what kind of website you own till the time it is really paying you off well.


One of the most effective ways to leverage the mindblowing benefits of a fully robust website is via multiple social media platforms.


Amongst so many social media users, Instagram gives much better benefits as it is said to be one of the most-liked social media platforms. There are more than 4.2 billion likes on the content available on this platform every day.


The reason behind the popularity of Instagram feeds is that they are the form of user-generated content, which is said to be the most trustworthy & authentic form of content.


If simply put, be it images, videos, testimonials, or any other content on Instagram, all of them are created by unpaid users willingly.


This way not only brands can increase visitors and user engagements, but also create brand awareness and build a loyal customer base.


If you are thinking of integrating Instagram into your web design, you can enjoy a lot of perks that are associated with this social media marketing strategy.


So let’s get started!


Mindblowing Advantages of Embedding Instagram Feeds with Your Web Design


Many brands have successfully integrated Instagram feeds into their web design, but if you haven’t then keep reading its benefits and get inspired.


1. Develop Trust & Credibility


Trust is the ultimate foundation of every brand or business, as your customers will be skeptical about whether to trust your products/ services or not.


So the first thing you need to do is to gain the trust of your potential customers as soon as they land on your site.


All you have to do is embed trustworthy Instagram feeds into your web design so that the customers get a closer look at your business attitude.


Don’t miss a chance to show your concern for your customers to build trust with the help of the Instagram feed on your website.


2. Build Brand Awareness


According to several pieces of research, 90% of users on Instagram are Millennials, which means brands have to focus on a particular generation to increase awareness.


That’s why integrating Instagram feeds into your web design acts as a great way for brands to generate traffic, gaining new Instagram followers, etc. Also, they give customers the opportunity to interact with your brand.


3. Keep Ahead of Competitors


How about creating a lasting impression on your potential customers with Hashtags?



Most brands & businesses are incorporating #hashtags into online campaigns as a part of their social media marketing strategy. So why you stay unaware of this new online marketing tactic.


This amazing feature offered by Instagram helps brands to search a particular or any type of content just by inserting hashtags.


They not only help in getting more followers on Instagram but also make brands stand out amongst their customers.


Create excitement among your users and also further promote your brand by embedding Instagram feeds on your web design via hashtag.



4. Enhance Social Media Presence


The benefits of Instagram feed on websites are not just limited to it, but brands can also see the immense growth in their social media presence.


This happens when people visit a website they also tend to go to their Instagram profile to follow the page.


As Instagram Business profiles keep the customers updated with the latest offers or upcoming products.


In short, give your users an opportunity to visit and follow your Instagram account by embedding Instagram feed on the website.

5. Showcase Creativity


Instagram is one such social media platform that gives brands the freedom to showcase their creativity.


And eCommerce websites need to showcase their products and images that feature all the latest content on their Instagram page.


In addition to this, you can also link a ‘Buy Now’ to the embedded Instagram feeds on your website so that the visitors can be directed to the shop page where the product is available for purchase.


This way you can convert your site visitors into permanent customers easily.


6. Enhance Conversions & Sales


Social media platforms like Instagram helps eCommerce brands bring the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale.


You can also encourage your new website visitors to convert into customers by integrating Instagram feeds on your e-commerce website. These feeds are basically user-generated content that engages customers, so take advantage of this to improve your conversion rates.




Leverage all the amazing benefits of integrating Instagram into your web design to add IG vibes to the site & improve its performance.

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