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Ad Campaign | what aspects to consider before starting an ad campaign



Ad Campaign | what aspects to consider before starting an ad campaign?

Ad Campaign
Ad Campaign

The services of a digital agency go far beyond setting up an advertising campaign on the Internet and designing ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads to get leads using Ad Campaign. So what aspects to consider before starting an ad campaign? I will cover this topic of the Ad campaign in detail. 

The value that an agency provides is to validate, together with the client, the correct approach to the offer of products or services to the market so as not to throw the entire investment away. 

If a product is not designed correctly to respond successfully to demand, then there is no point in running an advertising campaign. And this criterion works for both digital marketing media and traditional media (television, radio, print media, etc).

Contents on Ad Campaign 

    • Demand study
    • Benchmarking
    • The value proposition of your product
    • Problems starting an ad campaign


Market research should be paramount, both at the supply and demand level, as well as the comparison with brands that serve as a reference for what you want to achieve. 

It is very important to know the perceived value of the brand and develop a consistency matrix to align the communication throughout the campaign process (From the information in the ads to the response of the sellers to close the sale with each lead). Let's start by explaining each concept:

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In a correct market study, we must know what the competition offers and at what price, if they use promotions or discounts, how it differs from our brand and where they advertise. 

You are not the only option in the market, so designing the offer of your products or services requires knowing as much detail as possible what your competitors are doing. For example, setting a price very high or very low compared to other alternatives similar to what I offer influences the purchase decision and affects the performance of my campaign on Instagram

Here it is important to identify and differentiate direct and indirect competitors. Who sells to the same audience as me and how do they offer on the Internet? Researching the offer is a necessary step to validate the launch of an ad campaign, regardless of the digital channels that will be used.

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Demand study of Ad Campaign 

As necessary as carrying out the study of the offer, it is to analyze and study your potential clients. You must know the target audience to which you are going to target, in which digital media they browse most frequently. How much they pay for products or services similar to those I offer. And what they value the most before making the purchase decision. 

For example, if your target audience is made up of executives of medium and large companies, a campaign on LinkedIn would be more effective than on Facebook

In addition, the study of demand helps to identify insights, especially if focus groups are carried out, and this is of great value when designing the communication and content of my brand during a digital campaign to achieve a connection with my audience.

Benchmarking of Ad Campaign 

Beyond knowing the digital media offer of my direct competitors. It is essential to identify and study in-depth those brands that manage to make a difference and are leaders in the category. Where I market my products or services. Both in the local market and in other countries. with a high level of competence. 

Building an offer similar or superior to those brands is a constant task to improve a proposal and keep it current. Always remember that marketing is not static and the digital world proves it at all times.

The value proposition of your product

Price is the amount of money we pay for a product or service, but the value is subjective and justified. What we pay for a product or service, depending on how the consumer perceives what we offer. 

How much is my target audience willing to pay to purchase the products or services I offer? Knowing the answer to this question is essential in a pricing strategy. 

In this way, it is not enough to know how much the public pays to acquire the products of my competition. I must also know how much they would pay for mine. Whoever has the economic capacity to buy a Mercedes Benz car, would not pay the same for a Toyota, for example. 

Increasing the perception of value is one of the marketing tasks where brands and companies invest more resources because. In the long run, it makes the business more profitable by obtaining higher margins. 

How is the perception of your brand value on the Internet? Do you appear in the first search results in Google? How many visits does your website have compared to your competitors? You need to know the perception of your brand's value before starting a digital campaign.

Problems starting an ad campaign

The most common problems before starting an advertising campaign on networks are:

  • Overpaying for ads,
  • Showing different prices on the web than in ads,
  • And having an outdated website that does not correspond to the information in your digital campaign. 

Nothing hurts a brand more than distrust because it increases perceived risk. And precisely the solution is to ensure consistent communication throughout the digital campaign process. What is seen and read in the ads of a campaign must correspond with the information on the website. And other digital channels (social networks, blogs, the catwalk of payments, etc). 

It is also important that salespeople or executives coordinate their sales pitches and be consistent with the digital offer. Even in face-to-face points of sale, the same discourse must be handled. Before starting an Internet ad campaign. Make sure you don't generate noise and build a consistency matrix involving each stage of the sales process to build a satisfying experience.


I hope you understand better about this Ad Campaign, what aspects to consider before starting an ad campaign? and much more. If you have any question related to this article on Ad Campaign the aspects to consider before starting an ad campaign feel free to contact me Thanks :) 

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