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What is seo in digital marketing | search engine marketing | SEM marketing



What is SEO in digital marketing | search engine marketing | SEM in marketing

SEO and its importance in digital marketing is really playing a vital role so what is SEO in digital marketing, search engine marketing, SEM in marketing

What is seo in digital marketing
What is seo in digital marketing

In the latest edition of the Annual Marketing Congress organized by Seminarium Peru, Sasha Strauss, founder of Innovation Protocol and international consultant in branding strategies, leading projects for brands such as Warner Bros, Johnson & Johnson, and PayPal, stated: 

The companies that are easy to locate will be the ones that win 

Since 2011, digital marketing specialists understood the importance of the “zero moment of truth” (ZMOT - Zero Moment of Truth), a term coined by Google to establish consumer behavior before making a purchase, researching and comparing options on the Internet, specifically in search engines, and then just approach the point of sale, with a clearer and almost defined assessment. 

This term has been decisive for Google to consolidate its position and dominance in the search engine market, exceeding 90% of total searches in cyberspace.

Today, the first three search results on Google concentrate more than 75% of organic clicks. An important figure to be considered by brands and companies in different sectors, as it represents greater opportunities to generate new prospects and sales, as well as a position with authority in the category in which they compete. And here SEO assumes a special role in any digital marketing strategy. 

Contents of what is SEO in digital marketing 

  • What is SEO in digital marketing
  • What SEO rules must my website comply with? 
    • Adequate distribution of information
    • Design based on user experience (UX)
    • Relevant content
    • Links on other pages
    • Loading speed
  • Saeed Developer digital agency

What is SEO in digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization, according to its acronym in English and translated as search engine optimization. The SEO is a set of techniques and tools, used efficiently, help position a website in the top search results, increasing visibility and traffic mark for the terms related to your products or services. what is SEO in digital marketing

And the correspondence rule is overwhelming: The more visits, the more opportunities to get new customers. For example: 

The keyword "internet companies" related to telecommunications companies for the corporate sector, has first of search results on Google to Optical Networks, above transnationals like Entel Movistar Business or Business. This meant, along with other positioned keywords related to the category, a significant increase in its organic traffic (over 60% compared to 2017) and a greater number of leads in the last two years. 


What is seo in digital marketing
What is seo in digital marketing


What SEO rules must my website comply with? 

Adequate distribution of information

Titles, subtitles, and text blocks are essential to notify Google of the most important information to disseminate through a web page. This information is distributed through code on our site and with adequate distribution of categories and labels, it allows both the user and Google to find what they are looking for. 

Design based on user experience (UX)

A highly functional and attractive design thought about the interaction with the contents of the website on different devices. It allows better permanence times for users on the page, increases trust towards the company. And allows the page to be related to the appropriate offer. Search engines record the user's response to the design of our site and reward it by climbing in the first search results.

Relevant content

Having a blog with articles on our website increases the keywords with which the brand is related, for example: 

The Internet service for condominiums: WIN, has a blog section that addresses issues related to connection speed, the benefits of fiber-optic Internet, and news in video games, series, and movies. This has allowed them to appear in searches related to these concepts and thereby increase their organic traffic. 

What is seo in digital marketing
What is seo in digital marketing
What is seo in digital marketing
What is seo in digital marketing

Links on other pages

The search engines usually require the links as if they were recommendations. Having links from reputable pages, such as newspapers, large companies, government pages, or pages related to the niche market, can help a website move up in search results.

Loading speed

Users prefer to navigate fast and will not accept that a page is slow. Pages with a loading speed greater than 3 seconds show the abandonment of more than half of their visitors. 

Improving your website to meet these characteristics is a long-term process that sometimes requires trial and error. Whoever offers you immediate SEO positioning does not understand how SEO really works or is really a scammer. 

Performing the optimization of these 5 main factors is a long task that requires joint and strategic work for organic positioning. Having an attractive page to search engines is essential and relevant to increase the number of visits. And, therefore, increase sales or registrations of a site.

Now that you know the importance of SEO in digital marketing. We invite you to learn a little more about us. 

Saeed Developer digital agency

Saeed Developer is a digital agency specialized in comprehensive marketing solutions. Which was established in 2019 in response to a demand from companies in search of results. 

Our proposal consists of responding faster and with greater flexibility than traditional agencies. Offering differentials in added services, excellent service, and a price adapted to market needs.

Do you want to boost the growth of your company in the middle of this crisis?


I hope you understand better what is SEO in digital marketing, search engine marketing, SEM in marketing So if you have any question-related topic what is SEO in digital marketing or search engine marketing feel free to ask me anything Thanks 

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