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10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO



10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO

10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO

10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO

You’ve probably heard about SEO, or search engine optimization, before. So in this article, I will discuss with details 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO If you are an online business owner, website host, content creator, or even the number one SEO company on the Internet right now, then you know that SEO is the way you would go about improving your performance on search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines, like any other entity, have certain rules and guidelines that users should follow if they want to use their platform.

A Look At Google

Google is without a doubt, the biggest search engine on the Internet today. A lot of people use the giant search engine as their go-to source for searching up a topic, articles, content, and to basically find whatever they need online. Part of Google’s success has been because of the rules and regulations Google forces websites and content creators to follow. Google is known to have very strict guidelines and algorithms that make sure the content that they are hosting on their platform is unique and useful. Their number one concern is the user, or visitor’s, experience. To them, visitors to their search engine must have a seamless and comfortable experience. This is why, Google puts a big emphasis on ranking, and ranks content depending on several factors. Ultimately, the more boxes a website checks off of Google’s requirements list. The higher they will be rank on their SERP (search engine results page).

So simply put, if you own a tire repair business, and you want your business website to appear at the top of the first page of Google’s results page. Then you will have to follow the blueprint Google has set out for you, in order to accomplish your wish to be ranked top result.

So what is that blueprint? There are many things you can do to improve your SEO ranking. You can even hire an SEO expert to help solve your SEO problem. But if you want to give it a go yourself, before you choose to hire an SEO specialist, then this article will help provide the many, and most effective, ways on how SEO works.

Here are the 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO.


#10-Create Meaningful and High-Quality Content


If you’re going to go about handling your SEO strategy by yourself, one of the best and easiest ways to start is by creating meaningful and high-quality content. This content has to focus on your subject, topic, background, or area of expertise. You want to make this content relatable, and useful so that people enjoy it, and hopefully share it across their own social media or digital platforms. One way to do this is to make your content simple to understand, and straightforward as well. People like the content to be straight to the point instead of going through large blocks of information or long videos. Keep your content short, brief, and packed with useful information, and to finish it off, give a nice look and attention-grabbing title.


#9- Write Blog Posts


The way Google picks up on content is through web crawlers. Google’s web crawlers crawl the web and look for relevant content and websites. You will have to provide your website with content, in order for Google’s web crawler to know and understand what your website is about.  Blog posts are a great way of doing just that. For starters, you can pack blog posts with useful information about your service, industry, or subject. They are also heavily relied upon, and heavily used by Internet users as forms of knowledge and content. Plus they can take on different forms. Here are some types of blog posts:



-Listing (for example: top 5 ways….)

-Instructive (for example: How to Bake a Cake)


There are other forms of blog posts but these are the most commonly used. Lastly, blog posts are perfect for incorporating keywords into your website, for Google to pick up on. Keywords are the words that closely relate to your topic or industry. These are the exact words that people using search engines will type in for their search inquiry. Writing a blog post and filling it with keywords is a great way to get your website ranked higher on Google. However, keep in mind one thing about keywords and writing blog posts, and that is that they have to be written in a casual and clear manner. Google can sense when a website host or content creator is abusing its algorithms by overusing keywords and writing incoherent content. If Google determines a website is abusing its rules and regulations, then that website will be penalized and de-ranked. So make sure you write blog posts that are useful and informative and use keywords in a coherent and clear way. 


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#7- Use Videos and Infographics on Your Website


Several Internet studies show that video content will dominate search engines in the new few years. More and more users are opting for video content as a result of their search inquiries. Infographics are also a favored form of content by Internet users. Having both infographics and videos a great way to guarantee traffic to your website. Creating your own form of these two types of content will help establish your uniqueness and quality as a website.

 A few tips for creating good infographics is to make sure the design is eye-catching and attractive, while also focusing on having useful information and in a concise manner. The point of the infographic is to deliver key information while drawing the reader in through visual appeal. As for creating quality videos, make sure the video doesn’t play out for too long. Keep it short and interactive, while sticking close to your topic. Like infographics, deliver the key information needed and make it relevant.

 There are many professionals and businesses that are looking to get their hands on informative materials that can benefit them. One of the bets ways to help spread awareness about your brand can be through seeding content on platforms like the pirate bay. Millions of people access the pirate bay every day to download the informative and relevant content. Whether it is promotional videos or detailed infographics, you can give your content creation a boost, by sharing the same on the pirate bay. 

#6- Optimize Voice Search


Voice search has become more and more of a used technique for searching for content online. This is a relatively new tactic in SEO, as, before the introduction of voice searches, people would just type out their search results. But now with technology like Alexa and Siri, and as more and more search engines provide voice search options on their platform, then your responsibility as a website owner or content creator is to catch up to that trend. Make sure you optimize your content for voice search inquiries.


One way to do that is to understand how voice searches differ from the typical way of searching a topic. When users adopt the typical way, by typing, they usually opt for writing a simplistic search, for example, chicken salad recipes. But if that same user would perform a voice search on that same subject, then their search inquiry would be more like how to make a chicken salad. Keep that in mind when you’re writing and creating your content. Another piece of advice for optimizing voice search performance is to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases that users end up using when they are close to making a purchase. These are the type of keywords you need to use in order to enhance your voice search performance.


#5- Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly | 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO


The transition to voice search has to do with the fact that more and more users are relying on mobile devices for accessing the Internet. Gone are the days where a user would try to get to the nearest desktop or laptop and type in a search inquiry on Google. Now people just pick up their phone and type in what they want from their browser homepage, or just speak it into their mobile screen. This is why you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Having a website being mobile-friendly means that it loads quick and easy on a mobile device, and doesn’t take time to load or fails to load altogether! Mobile friendly also means that your website looks good on mobile, and it doesn’t just look like a condensed version of your desktop version. To be honest, at this point, making your website mobile friendly is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity if you want to keep up in the fast-paced digital world and perform well on search engines.


#4- Stay Relevant and Up To Date | 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO


When it comes to the world of content creation, relevancy is key. You can’t write content that is old or outdated and expect people to interact with it. Staying up to date with your content is one of the more difficult things you will have to do considering that the content on the Internet is constantly being updated and replaced. The shelf life for content online, at best, is one or two months. More often, content will go viral but die down quickly, as users begin to move on to the next phenomena, trend, fad, or hot topic. So that’s why, whenever you spot a trend that is about to blow or is currently being talked about, then you should create content that is tailored around that particular trend or topic. Always position yourself and your website to take advantage of the situation.


Another way for staying relevant is going back to your old content and constantly updating and editing it. For example, you are a real estate broker and wrote a blog post on the best areas to purchase real estate in. After a few months, studies show that an area is outperforming one of the areas you mentioned in your blog post. Go back and update the post with the area that is performing better than the other. That way you keep your content relevant, without having to go through the trouble of writing another blog post, about the same subject!


#3- Build Strategic Online Partnerships | 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO


Being online by yourself can be a very lonely experience. This is why it would be smart if you surround yourself with strategic partnerships, preferably with like-minded website owners in the same industry as yours. One key takeaway of this is the opportunity for link building. Link building is the process of sharing and exchanging links with other websites. Just like a business, SEO and the Internet require you to network, in order to get your content out there, and shared on different platforms. Google considers websites that are share on various platforms to be of high quality and a good source for knowledge and information.


However, not all websites are equal in Google’s eyes. For example, if you have a link to your website shared on CNN.com, then Google will consider that more valuable than if your link was share on an independent, lesser-known website. So it would be smarter for you to find high quality, an authoritative website to partner and link build with, in order to boost your SEO and get your website ranked higher. The more good-quality website you have diverting traffic to your website, the better your value for search engines.


#2- Enhance Your User Experience | 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO


There is nothing Internet users hate more than a bad online experience. Being on a website that for whatever reason doesn’t work, doesn’t load properly, takes time to load images, or scroll through, reflects badly on that website and its search engine rankings. Google has high praise for core web vitals, which in basic terms, are how a website looks and how well it operates. If your website loads poorly, feels outdated, and is filled with spam, then Google will not consider ranking your website on its search engine.


#1- Stay Informed About Different Updates, Your Competition


SEO is a very competitive industry and practice. Mostly because there are many websites online, specific keywords, and so few high ranking spots that many website hosts end up fighting over the same thing. Which is why it would be smart to keep an eye on your competitor and try to copy their keywords, and link building platforms and beat them to punch.

Also, it is important that you keep up with the updates and algorithm changes that Google launches regularly. Google is constantly enhancing its search engine to weed out possible abusers and make sure the user experience remains positive. This is why you should take note of any changes on Google’s behalf, or risk losing all the progress you made.

In Closing

If you follow these 10 Important Tactics To Help You Improve Your SEO then you are guaranteed to see a spike in your search engine performance. But don’t stop there, make sure to check out other strategies that may help you boost your search engine rankings, and improve your search traffic.

When it comes to SEO, there are so many ways you can go about improving your chances of getting rank on search engines, just as long as you keep in mind that the way to do so is to provide a great user experience. To provide a great experience, the user has to satisfy with your content and information, and with their visit to your website. Similar to how a person seeking to dine out, would rate a good experience on the ambiance and cleanliness of the restaurant, coupled with the quality and tastiness of the food. If you approach your SEO with that mindset, then you should be doing well with your search engine ranking, sooner than later.



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