salary of seo specialist | what is the salary SEO specialist?


Salary of Search Engine Optimizer specialist

salary of seo specialist | what is the salary SEO specialist?
salary of seo specialist | what is the salary SEO specialist?

So what is the salary of an SEO specialist?

So if you are searching for what is the salary of an SEO specialist job then this article is specially written for you.
Search engine optimization is to rank websites in search engines, like Google Bing Yahoo, etc.
Search engine optimizer ranks websites and their pages in these search engines. First, we will talk about the average salary of a search engine optimizer.

The average salary of SEO specialist Search Engine Optimization (SEO) job Salary including 

underdeveloped countries and developing countries too.


Avg. Salary Show   Hourly Rate

  $1,517   BONUS     $10,000    COMMISSION         $1,474   PROFIT SHARING

The average job salary of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The specialist is about 


Less than 10%   $33k              MEDIAN  $45k               More than 90%  $65k

According to, they got responses from the search engine optimizers who are doing the job and they get this data from the users.

Here are some Popular Skills for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist and their salaries given bellow.

Avg. Salary
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) salary of SEO specialist 
844 responses data taken from
Google Analytics
611 responses
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
280 responses
Web Content Management
277 responses
Web Analytics
238 responses
These data are collected from the users who are doing the job as an SEO specialist in different companies, so it is more accurate data.

 Here am I try to show you salaries by experience of the SEO specialist, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist here are figures for job salary level and years.  Salary of SEO specialist 

    $39k< 1 yr    $44k 1-4 yrs     $49k  5-9 yrs     $55k-$60k 10-19 yrs    $66k  20+ yrs                                                                                             

Here is the salary level for the developed countries hiring an SEO specialist especially the USA UK CANADA and other European countries.
If you are hired by someone who is living in USA UK or any other European country then you will get these salaries given bellow.
  •  $44K low  
  • $65,200/yr    average
  • $126K   High
Means if you are having very less experience then you will get 44k dollar per year and if you have average experience then you will get 65200k dollar per year and if you are at expert level then you will get 126k dollar per year salary that is a very good salary.

Ending words

if you get a salary high or less from the highest or lowest salary ranges then please comment. so that figures can be count and show to the public that what are the exact figures. Share this post so that people can find what are the salaries of the SEO specialist tell us the salary of SEO specialist.


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