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Project Jojo Trello: Project Jojo: Jojo Trello: All you need to know

Project Jojo Trello
Project Jojo Trello

Project JoJo as you may realize is founded off the critically-acclaimed sequences "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" by popularmangakaHirohiko Araki. So in this article, I will discuss with details on
Project Jojo Trello, Project Jojo, and Jojo Trello with complete details. 

More usually than not, a more organized method is needed. Trello and other similar tools actually are useful in this situation. Trello is a web-based project management tool that allows users to create Kanban-style cards with lists.

Kanban is a work process monitoring system. It's a style of visualization in which cards (digital or physical) are arranged on a board. Each card has a task or action on it. To-do, doing, and completed cards are divided into different categories in order of progress. Distinct degrees of progress granularization can be stored on different boards.

Trello's software uses the kanban lean method to help people plan and organize all types of projects. Trello boards are a popular way to keep track of tasks. Some companies, organizations, and sectors, such as the well-known videogame Project JoJo Trello or this company's roadmap, make them available for everybody to see.

JoJo's Project Trello is a Trello platform that focuses on the project JoJo. Trello, like wiki, maintains a record of everything related to Project JoJo.

Categories of Project Jojo Trello

Tutorials Project Jojo Trello

This category includes portions that appear to be designed to help the user comprehend the game.

Stands Project Jojo Trello

This category comprises pages for all of Project JoJo's Stands.

Specs Project Jojo Trello

This category comprises pages describing all of Project JoJo's specifications.

Bespoke Stand/Specs -Project Jojo Trello

 In this section, there is only one page that explains custom stands and how to get one.

Stats InfoProject Jojo Trello

This category comprises pages devoted to each of the many stat fields.

Tier ListProject Jojo Trello

There are only two pages in this category: a rare tier list and a fighting tier list.

Item-Project Jojo Trello

Pages about all of Project JoJo's products may be found in this category.

Tips &StratsProject Jojo Trello

Pages in this category provide advice.

CountersProject Jojo Trello

This section contains parts that describe how to defend specific Stands properly.

QuestsProject Jojo Trello

This category comprises pages that detail all of Project JoJo's quests.

NPCsProject Jojo Trello

Pages about each individual NPC in Project JoJo may be found in this category.

PlacesProject Jojo Trello

This category comprises entries regarding Project JoJo's many maps and locales.

Miscellaneous (game/Trello)Project Jojo Trello

This category contains no-category pages.

Trello StaffProject Jojo Trello

This category contains pages for the Trello team.

The majority of In-Game Commands that are connected to Cash is available to the public, however, some allow for use by Gangs or Moderation. The goal of this Info-Card is to assist people who are unfamiliar with the existing In-Game Commands that are available to the general audience.

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Stand Types of Project Jojo Trello


Type stands primarily utilize the Power stat and is designed to jump right into the action and deal damage. Due to the relatively low completely remarkable demand, passive Hamon recovery is decreased on these Stands


Type stands primarily use the Special stat, and are typically outfitted to avoid fighting and remain a safe distance to avoid receiving damage while unloading a variety of damage and effects on their opponents. Hamon healing is more effective owing to their Special.


Stands can employ either stat, but they aren't designed for battle. Instead, they're designed to aid teammates by increasing their defense or healing them.


There are two types of [remote] stands: Active and Automatic. Active Remote stands are designed to enter combat without the user present, offering them a tactical advantage through their speed and secrecy. Automatic Stands, notably in the case of Black Sabbath, work virtually entirely at the user's discretion. It may be hard to use Automatic stands efficiently.

Every stand has a tier and a function, and this guide should help you understand them. Since the categories have been rearranged, I'll provide a detailed comparison of the new and old tier categories:

  1. Middle - Regular
  2. Top - Advanced
  3. Special - Great
  4. Ultra – Amazing

Tiers of Project Jojo Trello
Regular Tiers

Abilities that are good in a few things but limited in others, but can be used in most battle circumstances.

Advance Tiers

Abilities that have a wide range of applications or are very good at a specific purpose.

Great Tiers

Abilities that are far stronger than the ordinary and possess attributes or traits that classify them as belonging to a separate class.

Amazing Tiers- 

Are the game's rarest powers. Most abilities that aren't on the same tier can't stand a chance against them

Allotment of Stats


Because the main move sets of these stands are all based on power, it's a smart idea to prioritize power.

Special Reliant

Because the major move sets of these stands are built up of techniques that depend on special, it's a good idea to prioritize special.

Endurance Dependent

Because the major skill list of these stands does not require power or special abilities, it is a smart idea to focus on endurance

Final words

At the end of this Project Jojo Trello, Project Jojo, Jojo Trello All you need to know about this project of this project with complete information if you still have questions in your mind let me know I will answer your queries. 

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