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Project Star Trello : On Roblox : Project Jojo Trello : All you need to know about


 Project Star Trello: On Roblox: Project Jojo Trello

Project Star Trello
Project Star Trello

Project star Trello is a development game on the gaming stage Roblox charged by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The game is Open World; against fighting, the enemy’s customer head should head battles. After the update made by the creator of Roblox, this was made possible. By contacting your Roblox game you can take even advantage of Trello. After the update made by the developer of Roblox, this was made possible. So here I will discuss project star Trello and Project Jojo Trello


About Roblox: The project star Trello

Roblox is the stage where a limitless number of people together play, imagine and express the review points. Every game you have on this platform is developed by the Roblox community. With its out-of-the-box addition, it keeps its member amazed. It brings numerous innovative and competition, players love this platform. At this stage, each game is made by Roblox social class customers for Roblox Social class.


When game set to Release?  Project Jojo Trello

It’s the most expected action game work in progress at present set to follow through on gamin stage Roblox soon. Before release they are fixing the bugs and clear the last contacts originate have ensured. The game can convey at whatever point to an individual overall. If you want to see when did Roblox come out here is the complete guide


Is this game open on mobile? Project Jojo Trello

Roblox is present at the most routinely presented about project star Trello. It could be placed at your PC at its hidden stage, it is insisted information by one of the originate. But over time, it may be available on your mobile phones.


Project Star Map: 

Roblox Project Star is the brand anime RPG and influenced by popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. How to get around in the game it’s pretty important, because it has few locations to explore and the map is very large. It’s recommended to pick the motorcycle game pass if you have got the Roblox. To get from the place to place to allows getting a ride in a motorcycle. So see this Project star Trello


Cairo Locations: 

  • Bubble Hamon
  • Pluck
  • Stand Storage
  • Hat Shop
  • Sewers
  • Luigi’s Pizza
  • Motorcycle Gang
  • Brando Alleyway
  • Hospital
  • Dio’s Mansion
  • Brando Inc.
  • Airport

Desert Map: 

The map shows the entire desert area surrounding the city of Cairo.


Desert Locations:

  • Brando Lab
  • Scorp Pit
  • Oasis
  • Tire Thief
  • Bandit Fort
  • Garden
  • Hamon Ruins
  • Graveyard
  • Gale Ruins
  • Tire Thief
  • Bandit Base


How to get a Stand? : Project star Trello and Project Jojo Trello

To find a stand Arrow, all allow to do move about Cairo City in Roblox Project. To receive a rare stand, the rare stand Arrow the higher the chance you have. In Roblox Project Star, Project Jojo Trello here some are different types.

  • Stand Arrow: 1x rarity increase
  • Unusual Stand Arrow: 1.5x rarity increase
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow: 2x rarity increase
  • Cursed Stand Arrow: 100x rarity increase

It cannot be found on the floor like others.


Every Stand available in Roblox Project Star: Project Jojo Trello

  • Cream
  • Emperor
  • Horus
  • Hermit Purple
  • Hierophant Green
  • Judgment
  • Magician’ Red
  • Prime Star Platinum The World
  • Sun
  • The Fool
  • The World
  • Tower of Gray

To strengthen your character and can help you.

The best stand arrow in Project STAR? 

Prime Star Platinum.


In project star how to get the world: Project Jojo Trello

You need just roll a whole lot of arrows, to get the world to stand in Project star. You can get every other stand by using stand Arrows. You have only a chance to get a 0.2% chance, the world is currently the rarest stand in the game. You need to use better arrows if you want to increase the chance of getting the world.

The World Movest:

  • Punch Combo (MI): With the final punch knocking the enemy in the air, a four-hit combo.
  • Barrage (E): To do a 50 Hit Combo Grants the ability
  • Heavy Punch (R): To do Heavy Punch Grants the ability.
  • Knife Throw (T): Have the ability to throw a knife.
  • Knife Rampage (T – During Time Stop Only): Through garbage of up to 16 knives, when in stopped time.
  • Time Skip (G): To do a short skip through time grants the ability.
  • Time Stop (Z): It allows you to stop time.
  • Donut (C): That sends the target flying time to skip into heavy damage.


Final Words:

For its die-hard fans, Roblox is now ready to launch. Developers working for it are so long. To get the platform project star Trello is amazing features and about Project Jojo Trello. I hope you enjoy this article. 



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