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Best Third-Party Software Programs for Instagram Marketing in 2022


 Best Third-Party Software Programs for Instagram Marketing in 2022


Best Third Party software programs for Instagram Marketing
Best Third-Party software programs for Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing has become the number one means of brand awareness for many businesses, especially small ones.

The thing is, although posting on Instagram and promoting your brand is really straightforward, winning the competition from your rivals is not that easy.

There are countless business accounts on the platform that are focused on outreach, gaining followers, driving traffic, and selling online.

That's why many newcomers try to purchase IG accounts that already have many followers. This way, they will access many niche followers instantly and can get ahead of their competitors.

But what you can do if you want to improve your Instagram marketing performance organically.

Fortunately, there are many third-party apps that can make different tasks in Instagram marketing a lot easier.

Here are some of the best software programs for Instagram marketing.


Buffer is a comprehensive social media management application that is available on the web and on mobile devices. It's one of the most well-known third-party apps out there.

It gives you a single dashboard from which you can manage several social profiles across the most popular social networking services, especially Instagram.

You may use Buffer to plan your posts and evaluate your outcomes if you want to improve your Instagram performance.

Here are some options it offers to businesses of all sizes:

     The Free version, you can have 3 social accounts, 1 user.

     The Pro version, $15/month, 8 social accounts, 1 user.

     Small Business, $99/month

     Medium Business, $199/month

     Large Business, $399/month

     Enterprise, $Custom/month


When it comes to social media management tools, Later is another name to remember. This is a significant company in Instagram marketing and one of the oldest Instagram scheduler tools.

That's why Later has been accepted into Instagram's Partner Program, allowing it to provide the most comprehensive Instagram integration.

So, if you're looking for a perfect app for Instagram marketing, go no further.


Iconosquare is a multi-platform social media management application that works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites.

It has a lot of useful features, such as scheduling Instagram posts and controlling audience engagement.

You can improve your Instagram presence by using Iconosquare since its statistics allow you to simply optimize your actions.

Also, it lets you keep an eye on your competition to see how well you're doing.


Instagram marketing needs a significant focus on visualization, and this takes time and even money.

Fortunately, tools like Canva can make this task straightforward without being an expert.

Canva is an excellent third-party Instagram software program that offers many wonderful templates for creating Instagram posts and stories.

Every beginner can publish excellent articles and tales using these templates, catching the attention of viewers. Canva is a must-have if you want to have an appealing appearance so that people remember your profile.


Growthoid is another Instagram third-party app you can use for your business. Growthoid has removed automation from its business model to aid with manual Instagram growth.

This means Growthoid is a complete third-party Instagram service you can rely on to help you expand your Instagram following and attract new people through secure, manager-initiated conversations.

When you join up for Growthoid, you'll be assigned a personal account manager who will communicate with users in your target demographic, helping to increase interest in your account and connecting you with individuals who are interested in your content.

Sprout Social

Another social media management tool that is ideal for Instagram users is Sprout Social.

It includes strong Instagram integration tools that allow you to schedule, post, engage with audiences, and evaluate your Instagram activity.

Monitoring hashtags is another function available on both the desktop and mobile versions of this third-party tool. Aside from these capabilities, tagging posts to classify them is a great way to make use of this tool.

Simply Measured

Sprout Social purchased this third-party software, which is one of the most popular Instagram analytics solutions.

It's used by innumerable companies all over the world to track social performance and adjust it based on data.

It also includes a listening service to help you locate relevant subjects and reach the widest potential audience.


Planoly helps you structure your Instagram marketing and management staff. You'll have a single dashboard to handle all of your communication and simply assign different tasks.

It's an official partner of Instagram and Pinterest, so you can be certain that your actions will be unrestricted.

Planoly helps you to produce and organize content, schedule posts, and evaluate engagement rates all in one place.


Hootsuite is one of the most extensive Instagram third-party apps available. Hootsuite handles more than 35 social media sites throughout the world in addition to Instagram.

In order to simplify video marketing, it also allows you to optimize your photos and automatically alter video sizes.

Because Hootsuite's scheduler is one of the greatest in the world, you won't need to utilize any other programs when using it.



Despite the fact that Instagram is a comprehensive social media network, marketing without third-party applications is impossible. You should utilize these tools if you want to save time and effort when it comes to generating, curating, scheduling, and monitoring. Try to go through all of the features of these applications so you can pick the ideal one for your business.

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