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Top 8 Key Points Every Professional should know about Massage App Development


 Top 8 Key Points Every Professional should know about Massage App Development

Technology has eased out human lives. The advent of smartphones has created a need for applications so career in mobe app development is very bright. And with these applications, almost everything can be accessed from one device. From ordering food to getting your groceries delivered, booking a taxi to getting rid of your laundry, almost every daily activity can be performed with just a few clicks. There is an app for everything and on-demand apps have seen a significant rise in recent years.

Many entrepreneurs have started their start-ups by developing unique on-demand apps, or by replicating the existing ones by adding their own features. It is safe to say that the future of the service industry will only be ruled by on-demand apps. While there are apps to deliver food, groceries, shopping; professional massage apps have seen an upward trend.

What is a massage app?

Just like other on-demand apps, massage apps let you access professional massage services. With the help of massage apps, you can now book same-day appointments with professional massage therapists. In simple words, massage apps connect the customers with professional massage therapists. Customers can now book an appointment from the comfort of their homes, offices or even when traveling.

Growing market for on-demand massage app

According to a  field survey app, the wellness and massage industry in the US generated somewhere around $ 16.3 billion in revenue. There is a sharp rise in people seeking professional massage treatments, due to reasons ranging from work stress, pain relief or just pampering.

Earlier, people had to physically visit the nearest spa to get a professional massage. But with the coming of on-demand apps, people now started looking for convenience in everything. This led to the development of On Demand Massage App. Digitalization in this arena has opened a wide range of opportunities , especially for the entrepreneurs who are keen on building a business around the concept of on-demand apps.

With over 23 million customers globally spending  approximately $57.6 billion every year, this should be considered as just the beginning. The massage industry is expected to rise exponentially in the near future.

How does a massage app work?

A massage app works just like any other on-demand app. It connects the therapists with the customers. On-demand massage app brings different types of massage therapists to a single platform. The customers can use the app to search, research, select and schedule an appointment with the professional they like. The customers can find a professional therapist from the classified list available on the app. The app has easy search and filtering options to provide the users with what they want. For the customers to make better choices, they will have access to all information about the therapist like their experience, popularity, reviews from fellow customers and ranking on the app.

Once the customer books an appointment, he will receive access to get in touch with the therapist to convey any specifications. At the end of the appointment, the user should be able to rate and give feedback about the therapist. The success of the app lies in its simplicity and the ability to provide satisfaction to both the service provider and the seeker.

If you are aiming to develop a massage app, you need to focus on providing a smooth user interface from the beginning to the end. The user should be able to fix an appointment with ease, and must have an option to reschedule it to a later time or change the location if necessary. To garner more audience, your app should have very little to no waiting time. In order to achieve this, you need to have a quick and robust booking confirmation system and follow up system to add credibility.

On the other hand, the app should have a strong management tool to help the therapists manage their appointments, keep up with their schedules, follow up with the customers and manage their earnings. All in all, the app should be a place that helps both the therapists and the customers to get maximum gains. To get the best massage app, you need to Contact Uber Clone App Company which helps you to build massage app with all the latest features.

Key Points Every Professional should know about Massage App Development

It is not an easy job to develop a simple massage app that stands out amongst the given competition. If you are a professional looking to develop a massage app, there are some key points that you should be aware of. It is pivotal for you to know the following things before you proceed to make your app. Let us now take a look at these features.

●  Before proceeding with developing the app, you must know that there will be two to three panels or two to three different apps under the massage app. These panels or apps are namely- the customer panel, the therapist panel and the admin panel. Each panel has its own features.

●  You need to have a criteria and eligibility to get only experienced therapists on board. Accepting all therapists without screening them will decrease the credibility of your app. Additionally, people only prefer the best, be it products or services. People become picky especially when it comes to looking for professional massage services. So, you need to allow only qualified and licensed therapists to operate through your app.

●  Have an easy registration process for the users. Having to fill elaborate application forms just to register on the app discourages many users from using it. While it is necessary for you to verify the therapists who register on your app, doing the same for users as well isn’t a feasible option.

●  As mentioned previously, people opt for professional massage services for various reasons. Be it for getting relieved from work or seeking relief from pain, there should be an option for users to opt for in-home massage or massage at a spa. In addition to this, the app should enable the users to book same day appointments with professional therapists or schedule their appointment for the near future. Having this option on your app encourages tourists and people having a bad work day to schedule their appointment on the same day with their desired therapist. Apart from this there should be advance booking features that enables the users to schedule recurring sessions. You need to ensure that the service booking feature is simple to use by the users. They should be able to book an appointment just by selecting date, time, location and the therapist.

●  Most users are drawn back by the fact that they should visit a spa to get massage services. The app you build must be working towards changing this. There should be an option in your app that enables users to book the services from anywhere. The therapists should be ready to offer their services by visiting the user’s home, office or any hotel room. In short, your app should focus on providing services at the doorstep.

●  Your app should provide users with multiple spa services at any time of the day. There should be a comprehensive range of options within the app for the users to choose from. The users can take a look at your catalogue and choose services that fits their needs. In short, your app should be a one stop solution for the users to receive multitude services within just a few clicks.

●  With the recent rise in multiple payment options, it is important for you to build an app that supports different payment options. Integrating payment options within your app enables the users to pay for the services directly. Having multiple payment options will make it easy for your customers to pay for the services they opted for. The multiple payment options include net banking, payment through credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc. Apart from this, there should be an option during checkout to allow them to pay tips for the services they received. Having multiple payment options is not enough. The payments must be secured to save your users from online scams.

●  One more essential feature that should be included in your on-demand massage app is push notifications and reminders. Many users who register and schedule their appointments lead busy and stressful lives. So, to keep them informed about their bookings, it is necessary to send them reminders with the details of their booking like the date, place, time and the services they opted for.  Apart from sending them reminders about their upcoming appointments, you can use this opportunity to inform them about special offers, promotions, etc. Notifications keep the users engaged with your app. So, don’t miss out on incorporating this feature while developing your own app.

How to build your own on-demand massage app?

Working towards developing your own massage app is a different game altogether, involving complicated processes. With the market flooded with similar apps promising to offer pretty much the same services, you need to focus on developing an app that offers unique features to the users. This doesn't mean that you should be building a complicated app. The app you build must match the expectations of the users with ease and simplicity.

There are certain things that you should decide before starting with the development of your app. This includes defining the niche that you will be working on, deciding your budget and roping in investors to fund your idea. While the sole purpose of your app is to bridge the gap between the therapists and consumers, you need to have a well defined business model to build a perfect on-demand massage app.

As mentioned previously, there are three panels on the app- the user, the therapist and the admin, each having their own expectations from the app. For the users, your app is a place where they can get quality therapists at their comfort. For the therapists, your app is a marketplace to approach their target audience. And for you, the adin the app is a place to earn money by controlling both the ends. 

User app

Users can sign in using their mail id. For greater reach, make sure that the app can be used by both android and iOS users. Once they sign in, they should be able to search or filter their options. There should be a smart search option to provide the users with desired results. There should be detailed information of the therapist along with reviews to help the users decide better. It would be an added benefit if you could provide the users with a comparison functionality. The user should be able to schedule the appointment as per his/her convenience at the location they are comfortable with. There should be multiple payment options to pay for their booking. After successful booking, they should be directed towards communication channels that enable them to get in touch with the therapist. Providing a push notification option will help users in receiving app notifications about their upcoming appointments. There should also be an option for them to cancel or reschedule their appointment for later time.  

Therapist app

The success of your massage app partly depends on the qualifications and experience of therapists on your app. You need to have efficient therapists to make your app run successfully. You need to offer the following features to make your platform friendly and attractive for qualified therapists.

There should be an advanced screening process to get only the best therapists on board. The therapists should be granted flexibility to get the right work balance. There should be a personal dashboard that displays their earnings, achievements and past bookings. They should be provided an option to select the area they would like to operate from, along with an option to decline any bookings. In addition to this, there should be a robust communication channel and feedback capturing system.

Admin Panel

The admin requires a centralised approach to manage the users, the therapists and the overall system. The admin management system must focus on the following features- managing the details of both the users and the therapists, booking management, details about the booking, communication system, managing the location and payment, focusing on the feedback, discounts and promotions, managing the payroll of the therapists, customer support and help.

Overview of the app development process

Bringing your idea of the app into reality is a complicated process that involves multiple stages. Here’s an overview of the whole process.

●  Stage one is all about planning out the concept and functioning of your on-demand massage app.

●  Stage two involves visualizing your app and giving it a shape. You will decide on the elements that go into the making of your app.

●  Now that you have decided on the elements that go into the making of your app, it is time for you to research and hire a massage app development company.

●  After shortlisting and hiring the massage app development company, you need to explain your requirements.

●  The developers will start working to transform your idea into reality. They work on building codes and test the features.

●  After the individual testing, all the features will be integrated into one whole structure. The app will then be tested multiple times in different conditions.

●  In the final stage, your app will be customized after extensive testing and will be released for public use.

Development costs to build the app

The cost of developing an app is directly proportional to the size of its operations and the features it holds. While these things affect the cost of your app, there are several other factors like the software you choose, hardware requirements, the app development company you are choosing etc, that add up to your costs.

While there are multiple electronic devices, the app must support both android and iOS, providing a smooth interface on all the platforms. This will further increase your development costs. You need to integrate all possible technologies to make your customers happy. Every new feature you add will add up to increase the development cost. However, this shouldn’t deter you from offering the best services to your users.

If you think you are falling short of budget, don’t hesitate to take out a loan or seek partnership or meet a venture capitalist. Whatever may come, the element of totality should not be compromised.


If you have always thought of investing in an on-demand massage app, now is the right time to do so. The graph of the wellness industry is constantly growing with the least sign of going down. Invest in hiring the Best Massage App Development Company to build an app that not only stands out from the competition but also puts your business on the path of success.

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