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Connect AirPods To Mac : Complete How to guide


Connect AirPods To Mac: Complete How-to guide 

connect airpods to mac
Connect AirPods to Mac

Connect AirPods To Mac will discuss here with details. AirPods are the product of Apple Inc. These Airpods were launched in the market on 7th September 2016. Apple company introduced these AirPods with their model iPhone 7. These Airpods got famous among Apple users due to their ease and simplicity.

 Everyone loves these AirPods because it is easy to carry and use. You don’t have to stuff your head in handling the wires of earphones or headphones.

Airpods are Bluetooth wireless earbuds that can be easily used by pairing them with your Apple devices or other devices which support Bluetooth. 

Later on, different models of Airpods were also introduced, these include Airpods Pro and AirPods Max. 

In this article, you will learn “How To Connect AirPods To Mac”. The full form of “Mac” is “ Macintosh”. It is a family of computers manufactured by Apple Company.

When your AirPods are ready and you want to use them for calls or listening to music, you can easily connect them with your Mac at any time by following these steps.

Detailed description on “How To Connect AirPods To Mac” is given below:

If you are using your Airpods with your iPhone, then your AirPods are ready to use with your Mac. For this, you have to sign in to iCloud on your Mac with the same Apple ID. 

1. Open the case of AirPod but keep your AirPods in the case, don’t remove them. 

2. Find the volume control on your Mac in the menu bar, then click on AirPods.

If Airpods are not paired with your iPhone, you can directly connect AirPods with your Mac.

1. First of all you have to open the case of your AirPods.

2. Hold the button given at the back of the case, soon white light will start flashing.

3. Now, Select the Apple menu on your Mac, then choose System Preferences and then click on Bluetooth.

4. Find Aripods from the Bluetooth devices list and select them and click on “Connect”.

5. When a connection is established between your AirPods and Mac, you will be able to see Airpods at the top of the Bluetooth devices. Now your AirPods are ready to use.

If you are facing some issues regarding connecting or pairing your AirPods. There are small things that have to be reviewed for solving the problem.

Check your Mac whether it is up to date or not. If AirPods are displaying in the Bluetooth list, but still 0your AirPods are not connecting with your Mac. Therefore, remove your AirPods from the list and pair them again with your Mac.  

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If still, your Airpods are not working with your Mac, then reset the AirPods. You can reset your Airpods easily by holding the button at the back of your AirPods case for 15 seconds. Then try again pairing your Airpods, hopefully, you get successful in connecting your AirPods with your Mac. 

After reading and following the instructions given in this article, you will easily connect your AirPods with your Mac system. 


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