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Six Secrets Regarding Browsers Which Only Avid Internet Users Know


 Six Secrets Regarding Browsers Which Only Avid Internet Users Know
Six Secrets Regarding Browsers Which Only Avid Internet Users Know
 Six Secrets Regarding Browsers Which Only Avid Internet Users Know


The internet has become one of the essential parts of our daily lives. According to various surveys that have been conducted all over the world, an extensive percentage of the population cannot imagine their lives without the internet.

With the latest advancement of science andtechnology, information reaches millions of people worldwide just in a matter of seconds. As a result, the qualitative aspect of the general public is also on the rise. Now that you're done knowing how to install a browser that features a flash player, we can move on to telling you these browser secrets. The users try to scale up their knowledge, which deems appropriate as per the current development.


Below we listed down six of such relevant browser secrets that only avid internet users know about:


1.  Obtaining Better Search Results

It is very conveniently possible to get search results by introducing some specific keywords in your search phrase. There are multiple methods available to achieve that:


● You can use quotation marks (“,”) to indicate a specific word or term in your required search phrase.


● You can diminish search results containing specific words by using the 'minus' or 'dash' (-/–) symbol in your search phrase. As a result, it also helps in eliminating the search results of any specific sources that you don’t need.


● You can also obtain the documents of any specific type of file by entering the topic you require to have in a document. For doing so, you need to enter the “filetype:” and the format of the document like doc, pdf, etc.


2.  Composing Email from the URL

It is very convenient to compose an email from the URL bar directly, without even having to open the domain website, clicking on compose, and then drafting it in between your ongoing engagement.


For that, you need to type “mailto:” in the URL bar and enter the email address of the recipient that you want to send the mail to. Your default email server will display a 'compose' window automatically, through which you can easily type the mail and send it.

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3.  Transforming Into a Notepad

It is quite convenient to transform any browser into a Notepad by using just a simple link. Therefore, it becomes very handy for users who do not want to switch tabs, especially while working on the phone. It also cuts the chances of installing a new application for the same purpose.


To do that, you need to enter the code:  "data: text/HTML, <html contenteditable>" in the URL bar, then enter the text, and then save it as an HTML file.


4.  Reverse Image Search

These days it has become very convenient to excavate images from the internet similar to the image you have. Through the "reverse image search" feature of Google, you can easily upload the image or even enter the URL of the image that you need to find the extensive collection of pictures in just a few seconds.


5.  Availability of Keyboard Shortcuts

Many keyboard shortcuts are available, which makes a user's browser using experience very convenient and intuitive.


● It is easy to switch among multiple tabs without even having to use a mouse or touchpad. For that, you need to press the Control key and hold any number from 1 to 9 depending on the tab's number that you want to navigate.


● If there are more than nine tabs open in an application, you can easily navigate using the Control key and the 'Page Up' or 'Page Down' button.


● It is possible to delete any browsing history by pressing the Control key, Shift button, and D altogether.


● You can easily retrieve any recent tab that has been closed by mistake by just pressing Control Key, Shift button, and T altogether.


● It is possible to open the download window for the browser by just pressing the Control key and 'J' simultaneously.



● You can easily reach the URL bar by pressing 'Control + K' or 'Control + E' simultaneously.


● You can easily enable incognito mode in your browser by pressing the 'Control + Shift + N' button altogether.


6.  Ensuring Privacy To Safeguard Information

In today’s generation, people need to take protective measures and remain alert to all sorts of risks arising from the internet.


A lot of our users’ personal information is stored deep within the browsers that we regularly use. Those can be easily accessed by cyber-criminals, like hackers, in various ways.


The individuals who maliciously hack our data have a very articulate public image. They quite often portray realistic circumstances so that nobody can identify the true motive behind their veil. At times, such criminals are idolized by making a public show out of their illicit coding activities and unveiling what it takes to break into a secured network.


To protect ourselves from such scams, we need to educate ourselves on detecting such malpractices.


● People can utilize the incognito mode of a browser, which leads to a less digital footprint. In that way, the users' activities will not be stored in the browser history.


● You must be very cautious while using public wi-fi facilities. One must always connect to the ‘HTTPS’ server rather than ‘HTTP’ since it is more secure.


● We must also clear the cookies and discourage the use of autofill options. We can use a VPN to make sure that our internet connection is secured.


● Regular internet users must implement anti-malware facilities in their browsing devices.


Likewise, there are multiple other latent features and secrets available that we can utilize and take the utmost advantage of. If you browse the internet regularly, you should know some of these browser secrets.

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