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Google looking to bring HTML5 games to Android Auto


 Google looking to bring HTML5 games to Android Auto
Google looking to bring HTML5 games to Android Auto
 Google looking to bring HTML5 games to Android Auto


Given what some of the Reddit community that are a part of the thread /r/AutoAndroid have managed to find recently, it would seem gaming of the HTML5 variety could be about to come to the feature that has been installed on various compatible devices.


The latest developments would appear to suggest that Google are looking to allow users to play a variety of different games from the dashboard of their vehicles whilst they are parked, as they continue to try and make the gaming experiences the best they can with their devices.


One of the previous updates that they had managed to provide their Android devices was to allow for gambling apps to be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store as they permitted developers to be able to publish them directly on the store from March 1st, 2021. This shows that they have looked to make significant changes to their devices to fit with consumer demands and the recent news regarding HTML5 games being playable via the Android Auto feature is just another way of providing users what they want.

There are thousands of HTML5 games currently available to desktop users, from driving games, puzzle games, io games to shooting games, there are HTML5 games that will cater to all needs.

An APK teardown has since been undertaken by XDA Developers, who were able to find something called GearSnacks when they were searching the Android Auto program. For those unaware, an APK teardown is typically used to try and predict what features may be arriving to a device when an update of a certain application is applied. It should be noted that these features are not always of a future release, though, as they may have been implemented but could still be pulled by developers if they are unable to successfully achieve what they aim to accomplish with it.


However, it would seem that the GameSnacks feature could be here to stay as there are a number of key indicators that suggest it could be coming to the next Android Auto update, with many of them tying in with the concept rather fittingly.


GameSnacks is an existing HTML5 gaming platform that was initially from Google’s experimental lab, called Area 120. This platform has the ability to create small HTML5 games that can be played from any device that can connect to the internet.


These games - which can be used via touch, a mouse, or a keyboard - can all be played on the device via the GameSnacks website, which Google had started to implement onto their other products and services, such as Chrome, Google Pay, Google Assistant and Google Discover.


Many users will already know that voice-activated games can be played via Google Assistant, but the games that will have been made available to be played via Android Auto will only be launched when the vehicle is parked, which perhaps solves any of the safety concerns that anyone may have when they think about the dangers of playing games whilst driving.


There is a list of 8 games to have already been found that are being optimised for compatibility with Android Auto, with Zoo Boom, Onet Connect Classic, Cannonballs 3D, Pin the UFO, 2048 Giant, Find 500 Differences, Unblock That, and Bubble Woods all seemingly being on the list of titles that the developer has looked into making available.


It perhaps also does not come as a surprise that a further look into the APK teardown shows that each of the games will only be playable on touchscreen devices that are available on car dashboards, as a string within the pack indicates as much.


The games announced are small games that have typically been designed for players to pass time rather quickly and as enjoyable as possible, with each of them being rather simple to play. Due to the nature of the games mentioned, they are generally lightweight and do not require a lot of memory, which means they could be perfect for players regardless of the strength of internet connection that they may have when parked.


For instance, these particular titles could work incredibly well with 2G and 3G connections, and not need 4G and 5G technologies in order to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. This would mean that players can expect to only see basic games remain available on Android Auto for the time being, although it would not be a surprise to see games that have been added in the future when internet technology undergoes another improvement.

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