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What is the difference between TikTok / Douyin and other short video applications


What is the difference between TikTok / Douyin  and other short video applications, let’s analyze it

In this article, I will discuss in detail What is the difference between TikTok / Douyin and other short video applications lets analyze it. 

Some time ago, while looking through the official account, I suddenly found a short video application that I had never heard of. The introduction of the article is like this, "If you are still playing Momo and Tantan as a young man, then you are Low B." Out of curiosity, the author downloaded this app, and there are many surprises.

The name of this app is "Tik Tok", and slogan is "a short video community focused on the new generation of music."

▍First, the basic situation

With a curious attitude, I thought this was a new application recently, and the number of users should not be many. However, when I downloaded it, I found that the star rating of this application is almost full score of 5 stars, and the first impression is very pleasant. It was developed by Beijing Weibo Vision Technology Co., Ltd., and the version 1.0 was launched in September 2016. After that, it has been updated at 2-3 iterations every month. The latest update was in April this year. On the 7th, it was quite fresh. The same company has continued to develop another short video application called "Volcano Video" since April 2016, which also maintains an iterative rhythm update of 2-3 times a month.

Data shows that at the beginning of Douyin, APP Store downloads were slowly fluctuating. However, it began to explode rapidly after November 2016, and the Baidu index showed a steep and soaring curve.

Source: Baidu Index

Source: APP Annie Historical Ranking

Now in the APP Store photography and video classification rankings, there are three short and medium video applications in the top 10 rankings. One is Kuaishou, ranking 4th, one is Meipai, ranking 5th, and the other is Douyin, ranking 7th. One is backed by Tencent and the other is backed by Meitu. Douyin can be among the top ten, which is indeed very powerful. The same company's brother product Volcano Video, ranked 47, is also pretty good. It seems that this company is quite strong.

Whether it’s Baidu, Tigersniff, Next or Minority, which specializes in app evaluation, the results of searching for "Tik Tok" on the above are not many, almost zero. Therefore, compared with Kuaishou and Momo, this application does not seem to have made major marketing and financing activities. The current user volume mainly depends on the user's word-of-mouth communication and content operation.

But if you search for the company's name "Beijing Weibo Vision Technology Co., Ltd.", it seems to be a bit insider. The legal representative of Beijing Weibo Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is Liang Rubo, and according to the available personnel information, Liang Rubo actually works for Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd., the founder of Toutiao. And some netizens have revealed that the volcano video entrance once appeared in the navigation bar on the homepage of Today's Toutiao, but it has now been removed. It seems that Douyin has a very subtle relationship with Toutiao.

▍Two, positioning analysis

First of all, in 2016, the first year of short video, we have seen the explosion of various short video software. Like Kuaishou, Momo, Tantan, Meipai, Xiaokaxiu, etc. Most of them contain more than one theme and gameplay. Meipai’s themes range from cute pets to dances. There are 14 kinds of themes. The Xiaokaxiu that imitated the little coffee show developed in the later stage, such as mouth-to-mouth, co-acting, original, live broadcast, and shaking coffee. Various forms. The user group is also covered from 7-year-old elementary school students to 50-year-old uncle.

The positioning of Douyin is relatively narrow, which can be reflected in the name, and its positioning is music and creativity. Choose an interesting piece of music, and create an interesting short video through dancing and editing. The shooting constraint is also strictly controlled within 5-15 seconds, which increases the difficulty and challenge of creation, and also ensures that the video content is not procrastinated and the quality is relatively excellent.

And the target population is mainly young people aged 20-29. If you look around in the app, you won’t find aunts and uncles over 30 years old dangling on it. The chance of elementary school students appearing is also very low, mainly young people with relatively high looks. There are 30-49-year-old data in the Baidu Index. It is estimated that there are many users who download to see, and there are only a handful of people who can take videos and upload them. As a result, an atmosphere like this is created. This is a place where young people gather, and they are all very enthusiastic and creative about music and video editing, and they have a strong sense of group belonging and xenophobia.

Source: Baidu Index

"Focus on the new generation of music short video community" is the biggest difference between Douyin and other short video competitors. For this reason, users are more willing to share the recommendation of Douyin with their friends. It is precisely this way that the above result of "not doing much marketing but relying on word-of-mouth communication to gain explosive growth in user volume".

▍Three, product analysis

Next, the author will further analyze the characteristics of Douyin from the perspective of products.

1. How the user's needs are met

The author first gives a few keywords abstracted from user reviews: rhythm, arrogance, madness, cool, trendy

From the user's evaluation, we can see that these keywords are also the characteristics of this group of young users. What they pursue is a trendy and fun life attitude and a not boring pace of life. So many of them love street dancing, parkour and music. And by recombining dance moves and editing shots according to the fixed music, you can create a lot of fresh works.

This is the key logic of Douyin, and everything revolves around music. In video production, Douyin provides 13 most popular music types among young people for users to choose from, from pop music, electronic music, divine comedy, rap to two-dimensional, classic old songs and so on. Users can create a second time based on the music MV and their own understanding. Although there are some routines that everyone is the same, everyone’s dance, makeup, costumes and expressions have their own personality and highlights.

It is not like Xiaokaxiu, which restricts the performers' creativity with mouth-to-mouth shapes. It can be said to be an upgraded version of Xiaokaxiu. The people who are doing it are very happy, and the people who watch it are very cool.

2. Business logic

Like other short video applications, there are two main types of users in Douyin, one is creators, and the other is viewers and fans. The interaction between creators and fans, including following, likes, and comments, currently does not have functions that require payment such as gifts. The popularity of creators is mainly judged by the number of fans and the number of likes. There is no more complicated algorithm mechanism such as grades and medals, allowing users to focus more on the creation of works.

3. Product key functions and user behavior

According to this business logic, the key functions of Douyin include viewing interaction and video production.

In response to this user behavior of watching and interacting, Douyin has made some innovations:

(1) When entering the app for the first time, the default stays on the homepage, and the homepage is a full-screen short video that automatically plays. Swipe up and down to switch other videos in the recommended list, allowing users to enter the state to watch as soon as they enter the app

(2) The like function uses a new double-tap gesture. The user can double-tap a blank place on the screen during the viewing process to like it without affecting the continued playback of the video.

(3) The comment function is collapsed. You need to click the comment button to post comments and read other people’s comments. It will not be displayed in the form of barrage and scrolling, which will affect the video viewing experience.

(4) Except for the creator’s ID, video title, and topic tags, there will be no other information displayed on the page. It also reduces the impact of redundant information on video viewing, so viewers will easily sink into the video here. Without too much distraction

(5) The name of the music in the video will be displayed at the bottom of the play page. Click to enter the homepage of the music and view other short videos that are also suitable for the creation of this music, still focusing on the theme of music to meet the needs of users

Source: Douyin

For video production, Douyin uses the sequence of selecting music-shooting video editing and processing-publishing.

(1) The music library contains audio clips provided by Tik Tok, as well as all audios that can be searched by Baidu Music. It has many choices and excellent quality. There is even a Tik Tok playlist on NetEase Cloud Music.

Source: NetEase Cloud Music

(2) Video shooting can choose standard speed or speed up or slow down, which is convenient for creators to pinch the rhythm to do the corresponding dance and editing creation. This is not available in other applications

(3) In addition, Douyin currently provides functions such as beauty, filters and props, but the material library for these functions is not large enough and should be gradually increased in subsequent iterations.

Source: Douyin

4. Product framework, key page interaction

In order to understand Douyin more comprehensively, the author has sorted out its product framework. As shown below:

In terms of hierarchical structure, Douyin's hierarchical division is more reasonable, up to three levels of folding, and the operation path is short. The entry of core functions similar to browsing and production is placed in the bottom level navigation bar, and the less frequently used and less important functions are put away at a more marginal position.

The interaction between the pages is also designed to be more reasonable, and the operation process is very smooth, allowing users to focus on browsing and watching. The following is the interactive map of the key pages compiled by the author:

5. Operational means

At present, from the content of Douyin, you can probably see that Douyin is using the following three operating methods:

(1) Similar to other short video live broadcast applications, invite celebrities and internet celebrities to settle in, and use the fan effect to increase the number of users. For example, Hu Yanbin’s recently released single "No Choice", Douyin invited Hu Yanbin to settle in, and at the same time, he could play songs for himself.

Source: Douyin

(2) Cooperate with other platforms to initiate offline activities. As shown in the picture below, Douyin is cooperating with Toutiao and Junfen Brothers Media to host the 2017 National Youth Talent Competition

Source: Douyin

(3) Self-initiated topics to stimulate user participation and creation. Douyin will launch some interesting topics from time to time to provide users with new inspirations, and then invite users to participate in the creation to increase user activity and frequency of use.

Source: Douyin

▍Four, user evaluation and feedback

From the data of APP Annie, we can see that the number of reviews and ratings of Douyin before the upgrade to version 1.3.1 (January 25, 2017) were relatively low, but after the update of version 1.3.1, a small margin began to appear. Rapid growth, and for the update of version 1.3.4 (March 22, 2017), users have more low-star ratings. It is estimated that some unbearable bugs appeared in that version.

However, after the update of version 1.3.5 (April 7, 2017), the style of user comments has greatly changed, and the comments are basically 5-star praise, and the text comments are also full of praise. I believe Douyin has made great efforts in this little half month.

Source: APP Annie

Source: APP Store

▍Fifth, the conjecture of the future iteration direction

From the above analysis, in fact, Douyin still has many small problems that can be optimized.

(1) The library of props, filters and special effects provided during video production can be enriched, encouraging users to make more diverse creations

(2) The uploaded video cannot be deleted. It is recommended to add the delete function in the subsequent iterations. You can delete it in case you make a video that you are not satisfied with.

(3) The button to switch between the big screen mode and the list mode on the application homepage is too concealed. It is hidden in a small position in the upper right corner, which is still not convenient for users.

(4) From user comments and personal experience, I found that Douyin's network problems seem to be not very effective, and occasionally there will be failures to load, guess whether it is a server problem

In addition, the author has some long-term conjectures about Douyin.

(1) Judging from the current functions of Douyin, Douyin Positioning is still an application that tends to be a sharing tool, and its sociality (comments, gift-giving, etc.) is not that strong compared to other applications. In terms of enhancing user stickiness and dependence, Douyin will have some new practices, which are also worth looking forward to.

(2) If there is no gift-giving mechanism that requires payment, what model does Douyin use to make money? Advertising, selling merchandise, or will there be new acquisitions in the future? The results of the current research are unknown, but if a product is not profitable, it is indeed difficult to survive for a long time.

(3) Will Douyin, which focuses on music creation, continue to dig deeper into the music field in the future, or even embark on the track of education? For example, create online or offline music academies, create your own music festivals, and sell your own branded music Products, launch your own music artist? If you really do this, there will be a lot of room for imagination.

▍Six, summary

Douyin is a new discovery for the author. Of course, the author himself is a very low person. In fact, everyone already knows this application. But the biggest feeling of the author is that after so many live broadcasts or short video anchors rely on the days of talking with fans and ordering songs every day, finally there is a short video application with obvious positive value (encourage innovation and talent). Up.

The world of the Internet is indeed developing at a magical speed, and every day's changes will bring us different surprises and thoughts. But if all Internet products are only developed for development, will the positive energy in people and life be ignored more and more.

In addition, considering that the length of the article has exceeded the standard, if you are interested in knowing the incident of Xiaokaxiu's pixel-level plagiarism of Douyin, you can search on Zhihu, and I will not describe it here. I hope Douyin can protect its territory from being taken away by Xiaokaxiu. Although, vibrato is copying foreign similar products musical.ly Yes, hehe.

In the end, this article is only a statement from one family. If there is something wrong, you are welcome to chat and communicate.

Article information source: Zhihu dot com

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