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The best MOOCs to learn to code


 The best MOOCs to learn to code

Online programming courses
MOOCs are courses that allow you to learn English, as well as understand how any software can be programmed without having to leave home. Sounds good right? So in this article, I will discuss the best MOOCs to learn to code.

Learning a programming language also means being helped. For teachers, but also for content, supports that, if used well and mastered, will allow us to learn to program in a short time!

Among these resources we find MOOCs ( Massive Open Online Courses ), an effective way to develop knowledge about various programming languages ​​while laying the foundations of programming. Specifically, MOOCs offer many hours of classes at an unbeatable price (almost always free).

You will not have to resort to reliable and expensive sources, the best MOOCs to learn to program are at your fingertips!

Beginners will see the doors open when it comes to learning to program on pages such as OpenClassrooms, where there are many MOOCs to learn to program, divided into various sections such as Python, CSS or web applications.

We also find courses such as "Web Application Development: Basic Concepts" (Coursera) or "Where to start in web development?" (Udemy), where the foundations of programming will be laid to adapt it to educational teaching.

We could also cite the MOOC "Creative Coding" (edX) by Kevin Siwoff, or the MOOC "Introduction to Computer Science" from Harvard University, available until December 31, 2021.

To go further (because programming is not limited only to code learning), some MOOCs fully address a central aspect, a specific problem, to approach programming from a particular point of view. Among these MOOCs, we find:

  • Learn fundamentals of the Swift Programming Language
  • Go Full-Stack With Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
  • Learn Kotlin
  • Create a Web Application With Vue.js
  • Build web apps with ReactJS
  • Manage Your Code Project With Git & Github

Therefore, whether you are just starting out, or have been immersed in programming for some time, MOOCs are a totally reliable source of information and knowledge, which will allow you to progress in HTML and CSS, in Python, or in Visual Studio. I hope you understand the concept of the best MOOCs to learn to code.

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