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How to choose your private web development classes?


How to choose your private web development classes?

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Before signing up for your private classes to learn programming, you will have to ask yourself several questions to be able to choose your programming classes in the best possible way. As in any class, it is important to take into account different criteria:

  • Set your goals for learning. Ok, you want to learn programming, but for what purpose?
    • Become a web developer.
    • Learn a programming language: Python, Java, Javascript, C language, PHP ...
    • Create your website and learn to master CSS, HTML and mySQL databases.
    • Pass your exams at the university or in a training cycle.
    • Make a project ...
  • Find out about your teacher before choosing (and compare!).
    • Obviously, your teacher must have more experience than you to help you progress. If you are a beginner, you can use a student, but if you already have good programming basics, you will have to opt for a more experienced teacher.
    • What is your specialization? Not everyone is an expert in all programming languages! Some will be specialized in the Python language, others in object-oriented programming, and others in the Java language or web application development.
    • What is your pedagogy and methodology? Having a first meeting with the teacher will help you to ask him all these aspects and decide whether to continue with him or not.
    • Do you like him and do you think he suits what you are looking for?
  • Do you want to do distance classes by videoconference? Or face to face? Both have advantages. Webcam classes have become very fashionable lately due to the pandemic and you can choose a teacher who lives anywhere in Spain, but face-to-face classes are essential for some people, since they find it essential to create a bond of trust with your teacher and learn more efficiently.
  • The price of programming classes:  we will review this point in a section dedicated to it, but it is an important criterion that you must take into account before even meeting your teacher. You must be aware of the cost of the investment and decide how much budget you are willing to spend on learning to program.

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